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  1. This is my motivation for embarking on a complete DIY solution involving DMX lighting, a custom RS-485 network for the sensors and switches, and a dedicated server with a web interface for anyone on the network (including limited permissions for guests). People will tell me that I'll never finish the project, and they're probable right, but it isn't going to stop me trying. Worst case scenario is I spend a bit of money on hardware and learn a ton about embedded/web software development and hardware design. It should probably go without saying that I wouldn't swap out my dumb lights until I had something working reliably and well tested on the bench first. Edit: I should probably also say that I'm not completely new to this sort of stuff. I did a degree and PhD in electronic engineering, and am currently working as a firmware engineer. I think the only area I'm lacking experience in is web development, but you've got to learn somehow!
  2. Doing a mains radial system was my second thought. What sort of cable are you wiring to each light switch? Is that also T&E or is it smaller signal cable such as cat5? For my setup I'd prefer signal cable as one of my plans is to build some custom switch plates with either rotary encoders or touch displays. Dumbing down such a system would require either pulling some T&E to each switch, or replacing the smart dimmers with dumb relays. Although a bit non-standard, the relays shouldn't be too bad as long as I use a trustworthy brand. I am also planning to convert the living room lights to a set of downlights as I use the room for VR a lot and collisions are an issue. For those I would probably run the ELV wiring straight back to the cabinet, then I can use any driver I like.
  3. I've recently bought a small 3 bedroom house in Bristol. I'm looking to retrofit a wired semi-permanent smart lighting system that could easily be removed or made dumb when I eventually sell again. Also the home automation system in general is going to be a hobby project, and I'm quite competent with software and electronics engineering. I think my motives are not to dissimilar to those over at SuperHouseTV. With that being said has anyone else done anything similar? My current plan of thought is to use these AC DMX Dimmers underneath each light fixture and pull a load of cat5 cable to a central location. I've already done this to some extent with cat6 ethernet wiring. Some of you might have better ideas however which I'd be interested to hear. Also see attached a crudely drawn diagram of the existing ground floor wiring. First floor I'm not so worried about as access is incredibly easy from the loft.
  4. I'm in the process of buying in Brislington, hopefully only a month or two away from completion. Which area are you in?
  5. Cheers for all the links. I'm probably tempting fate if I go and buy anything right now as I don't even own the house yet . I'm hoping it will be a month or two at most though.
  6. Ooh that's not bad. I was looking at building my own diy MVHR using a correx heat exchanger (partly because it seems like fun), but for a couple of hundred quid it seems like ebay might actually be cheaper than the raw materials themselves. It's a small-ish property needing a minimum of 30 l/s on boost mode. Also I was originally from Somerset myself, living in a little village just outside of Bridgwater. One of the things I had to get used to when moving away was everybody calling meals lunch and dinner instead of dinner and tea
  7. I'll admit, that profile picture scares me a little
  8. Hey there! I'm Sam and I'm in the process of buying my first house which is quite exciting. I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Cardiff University, but now have a job in Bristol. I have quite a few plans for this place including networking, a wired smart home system, and a MVHR system. Obviously I won't have the budget for all of this outright, but it's stuff I'd like to do over the years. This forum looks like a great place to ask the questions I'll inevitably have Sam
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