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  1. sorry yes. Technically there is a pump on low loss header for the Towel Rails
  2. something like this? horrendously drawn in MS Paint
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently getting work done to our house and a question challenge has arison with regards to the underfloor system and the Air Source Heat Pump. Our house is 260m2, 3 storey property with fully underfloor heating throughout and towel radiators in the bathrooms. We are getting an Mitsubishi Ecodan fitted which has 2 zone heating and temperature control, basically a temperature control valve on zone 2. Our existing underfloor is Uponor, installed from the original build of the house. It has 2 manifolds, 1 top floor and 1 middle floor. Note the ASHP is on the Top Floor. The existing underfloor has a pump and temperature controlled mixing valve. (measures flow temperature electronicaly and controls accordingly) The question I have is the following. the existing setup has 1 pump supplying both manifolds, the existing mixing valve is supply that single pump. So whilst the existing setup is two manifolds, they are effectively supplied by a common pump and mixer. The heating engineer has highlighted that this a lot of strain for one pump. I did notice last year, that during a cold snap and a few zones on then the ones zone in the bottom of the house struggled to get warm. Bearing in mind this has long vertical drop and also a largeish underfloor run too. I dont want to get 2 new manfiolds, they work perfectly well and seems silly because the temperature mixing is done by the Ecodan anyway. So any manifold i purchased would have the temeperature regulator fully open. Is it possible to split the flow from the mixing valves and utilise two pumps, one for the upstairs manifold and another for the downstairs manifold. These pumps could be in the same location just split on the flow pipes ot the different manifolds. Note the flow temperature flow/return could be measured on the flow common pipe and return common pipe to the install. Is this feasable. I got a slight sigh from the engineer, so maybe i am wrong? Thanks, Mike
  4. Very interested in this topic as seeing something similar in our house We bought a property that had not had the heating fully completed. When we moved in i quickly got a heating guy in to finish the underfloor and set it up. We are now dealing with the pain of this now. Boilers do not immediately coming on, cycling boiler is inefficient, and burns gas on initial heat up phase. I have tried everything to cure this with the only option of limiting the amount of time the boiler goes on and off. Reviewing online, some form of Energy Store is key. I am under the impression the size of the store should be rated to the heat requirement of your underfloor system. We are now looking into this, however also looking into the contributions for a Air Source Heat Pump rather than Gas boiler.
  5. Good Question. Why Both. My view is you need is 350Lt Cylinder for Hot Water and another storage for your buffer. Larger the better? We are intending on 24 Solar Panels. Possibly. I am trying to figure out what the best thing is here. The Heating Company have offered up a number of solutions. Reading a fair bit of info on the SunAMP its probably not worth it? Rooms on average lose around 1 Degree C every 6 hours with the heating off. Hard to equate what the heat losses are? I have temperature logging in every room passed through my smart controller. Guess my biggest question is do rip out my boiler now and go with the ASHP & Buffer Tank. I am making a major mistake? I reckon the boiler will not cope with cycling. Tried reducing this but without a buffer tank i cannot get away from it. The Energy Saving Trust are basically going to give us a loan to replace the boiler with ASHP and then give us a grant over 7 years that covers the cost of the ASHP. Certainly within that timeframe we will have to replace the boiler
  6. Thanks for that info. I did read online the Sunamp doesnt work well with Underfloor. The guy who quoted us to do the work suggested the following: Panasonic Aquarea 12kW ASHP Sunamp UniQ 12kWh 350lt Hot Water Cylinder Jinko 305W Solar Panels. This suggests to me that he was thinking the SunAmp for UFH which could be problematic.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am new to BuildHub after reading a number of articles here. Approximately a year ago we moved into a new build property. Actually it was a self-build that ran out of money and we finished off a couple of things. A significant shame for the previous owner however it was complex hill-side build that was always going to eat up money in the early stages. The house had many plans one of which was its energy efficiency (Planning for Solar/Wind, ASHP). But these were never finished. We have underfloor heating & radiators in bathrooms as our source of heating and 300L Ariston Tank for Water. This underfloor is currently running via a Condensing Boiler straight into a mixing control valve to modulate the temperature underfloor, whilst I have radiators and hot water off different zones Our problem is the efficiency of said system. We have no buffer tank and thus the boiler is called in to retain the underfloor temperature at a setpoint + Error. (45 Degrees +/- 5 degrees). My view is we are using a sledge hammer to crack a nut. The house had actually been completed in 2011 and between then and now the place has had 2 boilers by the previous owner.. My view is its running to often (on and off). Our house is 260m2 for which is fairly open plan living. We get fairly good Solar Gains when the sun is shining. All rooms are fully insulated, the outer walls very thick. Windows are Nordan (U-Value 0.8 Wm2/k) The EPC Certificate said our heating requirements per year 20,000kwhr and water 2,000kwhr. I think this was not correct, and done by the agency at a later date. My background is control & electrical engineering, I have spent a fair amount of time sorting out the Controls for Underfloor (we have 11 ind. Zones) however just cannot get this energy balance right. I use a loxone controller (German Home Automation System) and individual rooms stat’s. Its driving me bonkers now and I am keen to get our bills down. The house is not balanced that well and i am at the end of the line with this boiler. What do I do? I have spoken with a local agents and they suggest the following: Solar ( We have a huge room space that is south-west facing and no shading) : Estimate capacity 8-10kw. Air Source heat pump : removed our use of gas Buffer Tank or Thermal Battery (Sunamp) Reviewing the Sunamp stuff, seems quite impressive but done see how I can get it to work with a Monobloc ASHP. I do think the suggestion by the local company was to jump on a variable elec-tarrif and charge over night or on Solar. Any suggestion are very much appreciated! Cheers Mike