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  1. Yes Bitpipe, that is what I have done for my drainage guy, printed out the relevant part of VAT note 708. He is quite happy now! Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi If I can jump in here... I am struggling with my contractor to understand that he can reduce his VAT to 5% for my conversion. Is there a clear mandate somewhere that I can show him to clear up the confusion? many thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for the very interesting posts with regard to DIY Kitchens. We haven't placed our order yet but a visit to the showroom proved a very positive experience. As mentioned in one of the posts there are many manufacturers with a similar quality base. would Howdens be included in this group and has anybody purchased recently from them? I was wondering on their customer service attitude and of course price!
  4. yes I will be interested to see your comments in 2/3 months, as I want put this down in our entrance hall.
  5. Yes we have just received our CIL exemption notice from Shropshire by very carefully dotting the I s etc. It puts you under pressure that you don't need!
  6. Yes we are building in Shropshire and that have CIL in place. We have just received our exemption notice but they are very keen on dates. If you start without informing them then you pay the CIL!
  7. Excellent stuff thank you all. The site is in Shropshire. I'll get measuring and reading. yes saw this Peter. If you imagine a square I am intending to take out opposite ends for access and leave the rest as is which should result in a fairly airtight building. ok I'll take a look. Hi Declan no gas it's very rural! I'm imagining all electric utilising ASHP...hence the request fo knowledge.
  8. Good evening.. I have purchased an underground reservoir and am converting into a home. The walls are brick and concrete some 4 feet thick which is then covered in grass covered earth. My question is please who can give me advice about my hot water/heating requirements? I am reluctant to contact a local renewables firm who might just sell me their ASHP (as an example). I need impartial advice as to what will make the home efficient in terms of hot water, heating, MVHR. Can anyone shed some light as to where I need to start please?