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  1. Thanks for the mention.... just found this whilst looking for something online. A little update.... We moved into the house in May 2021 (about 3 days before BTD aired) and we did build it for just under £300k (after the VAT reclaim) and we have spent about another 30K on top after finishing off bits and pieces, garden etc... The journey was crazy (and over dramatised) by channel 4, but by doing most of the work ourselves, we saved a fortune. For insurance, they advised the re-build cost would be £650k - so a huge saving - Plus we have a very efficient, warm family home! We've had a few valuations since and because the house is so unusual,, they have struggled to value it. They range from £950k to 1.2M - Not bad for a couple fo years of work and yes..... we would do it all again. We over spent in areas and massively clawed back in others!! Wishing anyone who is on their self build journey to keep going, if you dont give up.... you will get there
  2. Thank you @TheMitchells.... our house was originally a CSH level 6, but we changed it after the government scrapped it. It shouldn't really cost anything to run once built (well that's the plan) and yes we already had the plot (it was part of our current house) Planning was a nightmare, took nearly 5 years in the end and our first house was refused for looking "too normal" amongst other things. We are outside the building boundary, so we had to getting planning via paragraph 55 of the NPPF. All things that need to go in the blog! We have loads of info before we have properly started..... lol! ?? if we had to purchase the land with permission on top, we wouldn't have been able to afford it..... so the time was well spent. ?
  3. Sorry for the late reply @JaneM..... I've been really poorly this week I cant believe your in Hockham.... it's crazy..... we are practically neighbours! We are in East Harling..... it's a small world.... lol! I will message you, maybe you could pop over next week for a cuppa and we have a nose at these conditions. Breckland have been pretty good (I bug them a lot.... lol) Also Holdens are great at repairs of the digger and dumper, we use them all the time and they are really reasonably priced.
  4. Thank you @TheMitchells..... it isn't in full swing yet, but we have a basic site up..... your welcome to have a nose. We wanted to share info to help other people, even simple things like trying to get a digger without being scammed.... lol! Once I pop the baby out, I will knuckle down and get some serious blogs on there ?? it's www.selfbuild-ecobuild.co.uk
  5. Thank you @JaneM.... I wish you all the luck with yours too. I think I commented on your post yesterday with 21 conditions? We had that too, ours were not too bad in the end. Dont make the mistake I did..... the ones that say "prior to the commencement of any work" take 8 weeks to get discharged with Breckland! I had no idea and we only had 6 weeks till our planning ran out.... doh! Got there thou..... phew! The homebuild and renovation shows are good to go to and just ask if you ask if you need any help. I discharged all our conditions myself (well the ones that needed to be done so far) x
  6. Thank you @ProDave..... don't even get me started on estate agents..... lol! And you sure said it...... bankers alright.... there another one.... lol! Rekon we could dedicate a whole threat to that one..... ha ha ??
  7. We don't get paid at all @ProDave.... my theory is giving value back.... that why sites like this are so great! Thank you @Redoctober.... we were very dubious of other shows.... but Building the dream seemed different. I must say Charlie Luxton was lovely and really helpful when he looked through plans and bits. He does know his stuff. It should be aired this summer, but I very much doubt that is happening, so presumably next year now. Our loan that was arranged (till we sold) was revoked due to "Brexit" and uncertainty in the market. Then our buyers pulled out of our house sale after 8 weeks, so here we are today with new buyers (hoping to complete end of this month or Feb) and foundations..... still a long road ahead! So..... what will be will be! I have given up trying trying to plan too much..... lol! ?? Good luck with your show too..... sounds exciting.... we had to go through interviews and all sorts ??
  8. Lol @IanR.... I agree! I always seem to do things the hard way ??? He took 9 months to do the original calculations so I should have realised then! We were in no rush at the time. As I said.... learning curve. I don't think he is bad person..... just not very efficient..... which doesn't help my cause.... lol! We will get there in the end....
  9. Lol.... @Onoff yep.... sounds right! This is number 3 thou..... so I am thinking feral all the way ?? Our daughter is 12, so I am hoping she will be pretty useful??? You never know..... stranger things have happened ??
  10. Thank you for your help. I agree @Daedalus but no it's not a typo, that's why we scraped the idea of a basement. I am calling the soil investigation people today @IanR to see if things could change as we haven't gone to the depths of a basement, but the section mentioning the loads was specifically about foundations only. It all goes over my head..... but to be fair I shouldn't be trying to work it all out, that's why you pay the experts ?? I was trying to see what the engineer said as he could clarify it and that could/should be the end of it. Piling was recommended for a basement and yes 3 bore holes to a depth of 3m. The irony is that the soil was perfect sandy "Norfolk" soil for foundations. We have spread footings so there not very deep and presumably (again) if the SE got back to us.... he could argue why he's done what he's done and the whole situation could be rectified. I agree about the money, he came recommended and most other quote were 3 times the amount. I should have listened to my initial gut reaction..... lesson learnt! Slightly painful lesson ?? I don't think I can get another engineer to answer the queries..... there are about 15 from LABC and some are things like, can he show calculations that he has taken into account x,y and z. If we hadn't poured the foundations, we would have them recalculated with a new "efficient" SE and that would be the end of it..... but hindsight is a beautiful thing! ? @bassanclan, I have an email sending the report, him thanking me for it and a later conversation stating that he designed it in that way due to the report. So yeah.... I am sure that would hold up ?
  11. Yep and it's keeping it real..... lol! To be fair we contact them when we want them to come out and have a self build cam for the rest of it. But we are doing a self build blog and I would happily mention things like that.... as it's what happens. What's the point of only showing all the "good" things..... "warts n all" is my theory. Show people what real life building is like! If it helps 1 person, then it's good in my book! Wish some one one had some me"real" parenting.... lol! ???
  12. On the contrary @ProDave.... I haven't blamed anyone or sent any guns blazing at all. In fact I have probably been too nice about the whole thing. I sent him the email direct from LABC and ask if he could please answer their questions. I have "repeatedly" asked "nicely". My email yesterday was simply saying that I am regretful for the situation but unless I get a response within a week, I will have no other choice but to take things further as I need his input. I have been asking over 2 months now and he promised he would be there for any future questions. I have never accused or blamed and I am sure he has designed them in a way that are perfectly suitable..... but unless he can clarify this..... we can not move move forward. His last email 10th Dec, he said he would respond ASAP, which is great, but he hasn't. I am sure it will all work out, but we are moving into a mobile home late this month, poss Feb with a newborn (as I am expecting in 3 weeks) and unless we can get this sorted out now..... we can't really do a lot more. In an ideal world it would have been sorted by now. It's just frustrating, but hey.... (as my mum says) I am sure it will all come out in the wash ?
  13. Yes.... but we like that show..... we have our own reasons for doing it and I am more than happy to show the real ups and downs. If it helps someone else in the future..... so be it! I don't know anyone that's ever had a perfect self build and even if someone takes away the fact that they should choose a structural engineer better..... it's worth it in my eyes
  14. 2016 has been a definite "learning" year! Our new approach is to see the end goal and "let go" of how we get there! Plans don't always seem to work out how you expect..... as long as the end result is the same..... we're going with the flow.... lol! ???
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