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  1. I hink can answer my last question myself having just looked up ODEX piles...I realise youe site WAS difficult if you have to go into rock! So doesn't sound comparable to our situation at all! £25k then looks like a bargain!
  2. Hi Redtop, Sorry for the questions, but in process of geting quotes for piling and figuring out options.. 1. Which companies did you get quotes from? and who di you go for? 2. How deep did your piles have to go? Noting £25k for 42 piles. 3. Why did it take 4 weeks? One company I am getting a quote for 33 piles says 2.5 days. (they do screw piles) Sounds like yours were driven piles....is that the sort of time they take ot drive in and fill...or were there difficult conditions at your site? Thanks for info! Paul
  3. Hi all, Been lurking a while soaking up the wisdom, while our plans percolate and mature. Already been an enducation! Just in the process ofr finalising the techincal specs for a new 5 bed house in Hampshire in the Meon Valley area. Some details of what we will be attmepting to lure others into conversation on same topics and steal their knowlesge...:-) Pile and beam foundation: After much to and fro between geotechnical engineer, architect and structural engineer on foundation type...I had wanted to do an unsulated/pasive slab which builder and I could have laid ourselves. Vetoed Hempcrete build as far as we can.Trying to build as sustainably as possible, interested what we can do with the material and helps to avoid competition for bricks...only competiing interests are horses for bedding...... Trying to get as energy efficient without committing to passive house as too constraining on design and I do like open windows at times. Still figuring out energy mix: Solar PV and thermal definitely, UFH, then debating on whether an ASHP or GSHP is going to pay back if the house is highly insulated. But how else do I cover the heating gap Recoup waste heat with MVHR. We are off-grid for gas otherwise I did like the look of the integrated Viessmann fuel cell/gas boiler. As in Southdown National park, stricty nitrogen requirements, so foul drainage going through septic tank and reed beds and pond to drainage field. Off mains drains. To manage rain water drainage on the plot I thought I might as well try my hand at creating a natural swimming pool. They are nice to look at and it will be an adventure! Anyway that is us for now! Hope to start the build in January for a couple of years. We live on the site in a bungalow which we have to demolish afterwards, so we can take our time and enjoy hte journey. Cheers Paul
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