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  1. My extension / sunroom builder just extended air bricks - with 2x 48mm UPVC pipework, venting into the... cavity on the side wall, its air brick is about foot away. I am thinking WTF? Thats not even close to notional 1500mm2/mtr as the choke point in the pipework is 48mm pipe applied to each 2 existing bricks... Builder says its OK. Advice appreciated.
  2. So Fischer Future Heat tells me now that: For my house 4bed/2bath I need Aquafficient 210L model (which is made by Sunamp, but is NOT UniQ model 9, obviously) - but they were not that concerned what type of boiler I might already have there. The list price for it (installed, VAT included, 10yr warranty ) is £5561, but there's amazing 25% off which results in £4170. And 0% APR over 60 months if you like... So pretty much twice the price - but with customer service...
  3. Lets see if I can get prices for aquafficient UniQ models from their customer support that keeps calling me
  4. Managed to disassemble PV. The heater itself after 13months with polyphosphates looks worse than the previous one without them! (not just scaled, pitted with rust too) Need softener, period. Can you recommend one? Ideally slim vertical to fit behind PV, or in the cupboard next to it. 2 people 2 bathrooms... NB Tectite brass pushfits in hard water area are fun to disassemble...
  5. Ok, so I have just received replacement heater, white 85degC overheat switch and... piece of wire with 3-way WAGO. The instruction is to connect neutral from the heater to supply neutral +pcb neutral. Considering that there's already PCB trace - doing the same - this hints that said trace is undersized (looks like 3.5mm wide so... about 10amps?) - but if that is the case, why no-one cares about 'the other end' of the heater - both traces seem to be the same width. Insights, anyone?
  6. No softener, just poly-phosphates (AcquaBrevetti MiniDos) Y-strainer still ended up with about a teaspoon of scale flakes every 6-9 months. (That was with 'old' PCB/firmware with no extra overrun time, new one is in the post) FYI: Current price of the heater is is £30+VAT
  7. Lets hope so. Then I can put loads of temp sensors and profile the hell out of it until it pops again... Are you gents using polyphosphate dosing - if so, which ones? I've got AcquaBrevetti MiniDos...
  8. Just had email + callback from Sunamp support! (Big thanks to JSHarris for pointers) It appears that: 1. The heater is '3rd party element' with life expectancy only 2-3 years. Supposedly £30-ish to get the new one. 2. Black overtemp switch is bad, white one is good. 3. Software update (aka new pcb + white switch in the post ) And - Sunamp seems recommending HydroFlow HS38 conditioner thingimagick - but does it actually work for anyone here? So... support is there, its just hard to find
  9. Does anyone with working, water-heated Sunamp have willingness and ability to measure & time temp profiles on the heating pipes going in & out of red cells?
  10. Yes its the PV. I think the overvoltage to 248-250 is part of the problem, element is rated 2800W @230V. That does not quiteexplain why the heating element would leak to earth - instead of burning out - is it simply ceramic getting wet due to leak caused by overheating/expansion of the tip of the sheath? It does looka bit like press-fit (photo of the old one)
  11. Looks like my SunampPV killed its 3rd heating element in 2 years (and second one was on the day of replacement of the 1st one). Its not burnt, still steady 17Ohm when cold, just leaking to the earth (about 260kOhm there) so RCD trips away. As Sunamp support has the usual dislike to emails / catch-me-if-you-can phone attitude - does anyone know if it is stock item or... its Sunamp special? Quick check shows its 2800W HLP version from https://www.tuerk-hillinger.com/products/ - but ones in their catalogue only go up to 1000W At his point I'm thinking that Willis inside is a bit undersized / prone to overheating, so... would the control board cope with 3kW/11-inch element in an external one? Don't want to hack it... but if this is the way to keep it working, so be it. I really like it, when it works.
  12. > Who is going to be the first so submit to a Fishcher salesperson, in order to find out the price of their unit? Well... Fischer quoted £1600 for their 1.1kW stoage heaters... and you will be offered up to 45% discount... and that their engineer (read: independent contractor) knew nothing about Sunamp.... (and yes Fischer heaters look identical to Thermotec / Elektrorad Aeroflow ones )
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