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  1. That looks like good stuff and incorporates insulation value at same time. Is it dear per sq meter? I suppose it also has to be remembered that it will allow a saving on other forms of insulation
  2. Great stuff there is so !much collective knowledge in a group like this to tap into
  3. What sort of external cladding or sheeting options are out there suitable to plaster straight onto? Some sort of fiber cement board perhaps of anything else? Brother seen a type of wire mesh on a roll with vapour barrier incorporated that was pinned straight onto studwork and plastered over when he was working channel isles but never came across it over here anyone know of such products
  4. Hello pro dave My idea was to stud out the inside leaf in timber studs ie 4×1 1/2 to plasterboard over as normal and possibly light steel studs on outter leaf depending on what cladding is used, probably would be looking to sheet the outside and plaster over that. Screwing ply wood or similar type material to steel would be no problem but plasterboard may be difficult alright. Essentially making up a panel with outter and inner leaf all in one panel with plenty of insulation between and very very minimal area bridging between inner and outer skin a lot of timber framed buildings round here have timber studwork then a masonry built skin on outside so this would dispense with any blockwork. None of this may seem sensible to someone in the building game its just an idea but it seems so easily doable to me. But others might see problems I don't so that's what I'm open to finding out as I've not built a house before lol cheers
  5. My dad and brother are both joiners dad thinks its a rare idea but my brother is much more receptive to the idea and that it can be designed to work. Light steel framing seems to be a bit less of an oddity in places like us Australia and nz .
  6. Its great to get these views, its an only an idea that I want to research and your highlighting a lot of areas that I wanted opinions on. I'm sure other people must have looked at this or even done it.
  7. Steels not that dear and not being a joiner, I find it much easier to work with its stronger its straight it stays straight , I havnt priced timber but its not going to be free either, I can get 50×50×3 box around 11\12 pound a 24ft length. I work with steel all the time and am much happier working with it as opposed timber and once galvanised its going to last indefinitely.
  8. Looking at the idea of building my own bungalow type home using light steel instead of timber framed to make up wall panels that join up on site and bolt onto concrete slab. General idea i was toying with is a 50*50 box inner and outter frame sandwiched together and then studed out as normal on inside to accept gyproc and either vertically or horizontally on outside depending on what cladiing option was used. Then the inside cavity to bi insulated either spray on or kingspan or most suitable ie cost effective method. Below is a quick mock up with spare lengths i had. Its dimesions are 12 foot by 8 by 12 inches but those can be moved around perhaps 8 or 10 inches thick would suffice as timber studs in this case would likely only be 6*2. Anybody else looked at or done anything similar any dos and fonts any info on building regulations for such a method would be appreciated thanks. Or is this a daft idea lol.