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Found 3 results

  1. I'd be really grateful for any experience or advice on which contract to use. We're currently out to tender for a new build house, and are intending that the contractor will manage the site and all trades, but that I will be the contract administrator (CA) (mortgage company seem fine with this). Our architect has recommended the RIBA Domestic 2018 contract as it specifically allows for the client to also be the CA; however when we have approached a solicitor to quote for reviewing the contract before signing, we have been advised a JCT Minor Works will be better, and that the RIBA contract isn't advised for projects greater than £250k in value (ours will probably be more like £500k). Does anyone have any thoughts? As you can tell from my handle, I haven't done this before!
  2. We have started an extreme renovation on or property. After much of the house was removed we had a wobble, stopped the builder and applied for planning to demolish entirely and new build. 8 weeks later due to budgetary constraints we have decided to stick with the renovation. We did not have a contract with the builder so have been advised by the architect to use a JCT contract and ask him to requote so we can understand our final costs better. The builder will build to plate then a timber frame company will fit the first floor with the builder returning to tile the roof. All other trades will be organised by ourselves. The question is should we use a contract? They look incredibly complicated and may be happier paying to have it set up but then the builder may be miffed as he is only doing part of the build. We have no reason to distrust the builder but we are novices and want to ensure it is built correctly to drawing and will take the timber frame. If there is no contract do we have any redress if it is wrong? To make it more complicated my partner who was over-seeing the build has been taken ill so we are considering a project manager to do site visits and take some of the strain. Does anyone have views if this is a good idea or if it will erode our builder relationship.
  3. Hi all, I'm currently wading through the nightmare that is getting site insurance set up and have hit a wall with Zurich. We will be building/digging next to neighbours (blocks of flats) on two sides and some prefab garages at the back, all within 3m, some under 1m away. All specified by an engineer, but still ... We are in Scotland, so we don't have party wall agreements but I am worried about the possibility of damage occurring to other properties. So, I got a quote from SelfbuildUK (zurich policy) and then phoned them up to see about the possibility of adding JCT cover for non negligent damage. The Zurich lady INSISTS that they cannot give me JCT cover as I am not a contractor and the accidental damage section of my self build policy will cover it, as the wording below: So my question is - what is the difference between public liability cover for accidental damage and JCT cover? Sub-section 1 – Public Liability a) accidental death of or accidental Personal Injury to any person other than an Employee where such death or Personal Injury arises out of and in the course of the employment b) accidental loss of or accidental damage to material property So this outlines that ANY accidental damage to a property will be covered under this section. The limit of indemnity is £5,000,000.
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