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  1. In my case I would rather pay a low upfront cost than have to wait 7 years to claim some of it back!!
  2. Thanks gents for the responses. We are still in the process of getting the working drawings done (hopefully this week) and then the Structural engineer can do what needs to be done with them. I will mention the PV and mounts to him before he starts and hopefully he can incorporate the additional loading required when he does his magic. It is a new build and I sort of knew the limitations with respect to winter generation and fully expect to use electric for this over that period. I have thought about ASHP but after my wife had a chat with a potential plumber she has gone of the idea. He spun some yarn about poor performance, slow heat up times (which I had already mentioned to her) and generally poor heating output in the winter. I am still working on her with regards to it and have a couple a quotes coming in (first one was for 8.4kW and 200litre Nibe system for £9900 which I think is steep to say the least and I have read bad things about their customer service)...others to follow. Having read through some of the forum posts on the renewables I have been bamboozled by the level detail and knowledge that some of you have and it has left me feeling like I am going in to this blind despite spending hours poring over things in the last couple of months....
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of installing PV's for DHW and UFH in lieu of connecting mains gas on my new build bungalow. We have been quoted £3k for the connection of gas to site and my current train of thought is that with gas prices increasing year on year I should just chin it off in favour of installing PV's instead. The bungalow has a flat roof of approx 140sqm which faces SSW so real estate for the panels, from what I have read so far, seems to be favourable. The only issue I can see is the inclination so would probably need some sort of frame work to mount them at a more optimal angle. I've not really looked in to any incentives for using PV generated power as from most of the threads I have read FIT is done and dusted...but what about RHI? Any thoughts on my basic plan and assumptions would be appreciated...!!! Thanks BigR
  4. Thanks Oz07. We are looking at PM'ing ourselves and are happy to do the subby route. However we have had little success it getting quotes back from them at present. i think it is a case of persevering... Thanks Russell...your comments echo our initial thoughts ref the cost of foundations...our initial budget was £24k, which included a contingency!! We are also getting quotes for Brick and Block and ICF which will hopefully come in cheaper as well. I see your in you know if your groundworker covers west Oxfordshire!!!
  5. Hi, My wife and I are embarking on a self build in Faringdon, Oxon. We have managed to buy our plot outright and hope to start building May/June this year. Having major issue with the mortgage and our broker who is literally no help at all. They told us we had been agreed in principle back in Sept and it now turns out that was not the case and we are still in the application phase. We wouldn't have completed on the land if that was the case!! they have now also said we need to build a 20% contingency in to all the figures we submit to the mortgage company meaning we have to budget our build to around £165k which seems impossible. If anyone has any advice on how to fill out a schedule of cost it would be much appreciated!! Coupled to that our initial budget seems way off for pretty much everything we have planned. All of the online resources and books we have read say you can build for £1500 m2 and so far out of a budget we have been quoted £50-56k for the foundations and £54k for the SIPS of a £21000 build (140m2 floor plate for a bungalow). There are no issues with the ground or access and if this is the case then it look like we will fall at the first hurdle of the build. The groundwork's are a particular concern as every contractor we speak to is maxed out due to the development going on in the area and I think this is what is driving the costs up...any idea's? thanks BigReadie