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  1. Terryturf1

    Modern Portal Frame Barn Conversion

    Im discovering this as i go.. Thats why im not doing sips or timber frame. In the plus side i have planning from this conversion which i wouldnt have gotten.
  2. After all the fun i had with the LPA to finally get my permission I know its not the same department but I am loath to give my local council the job of overseeing building control Can anyone recomend a decent fair communicative independent building control approved surveyor to oversee my build....
  3. Terryturf1

    Modern Portal Frame Barn Conversion

    Its an industrial spec building with very heavy duty RSJs . I bought it second hand yrs ago took it down and re assembled it . I only bought it to keep my equipment safe so its all purely luck really I managed to get planning. I had a team come out and put the main frame up with a crane . I don't remember how deep the pads were under each upright but I seem to recall bringing in a lot of concrete on a grab truck I think about 1cu M per pad ..To gain permission a structural engineer came out and completed a visual inspection of the building saying it was capable of conversion . So now ive gone back to him to help with technical advice etc .. The floor is around 8-10 inches deep of reinforced concrete with But its yrs ago . The roof steel purlins . I'm just wondering what benefit I have by not insulating within . I am considering putting a loft in and doing away with any vaulted ceilings due to cost and convenience .
  4. Terryturf1

    Modern Portal Frame Barn Conversion

    Yes indeed with the planning lets just say Ive had my total fill with the LPA 5 applications and 2 planning appeals to get what I should have had all along . The wall cladding is fitted on purlins overhanging the actual steels by about 4-5 inches. Im asking the structural engineer about how I d like to block up in between the steels and fit cladding outside these . Then maybe in the future I can render onto this and remove the cladding . Also im in a mind to maybe build a floor internally with timber or steel so the weight of this isnt on these walls or the existing structure . I did want wood cladding like larch but they intimated that they would once again refuse this application as they implied not enough of the original structure wood remain! Despite i may add approving other applications where both walls and roofs were totally removed
  5. Hi Everyone Ok im not a complete novice I actually built my own house but traditional build Bricks Blocks Block and beam floor attic trusses 7 yrs ago . Now after fighting with the LPA for 4 yrs I finally have permission to convert a Barn to 3 Houses . But im slightly nervous ! I have to build round the rsjs already in situ . I have to have a metal clad roof and walls . So this is like starting all over again to me like a novice ... Im thinking of sips panels or blocking up between the steels ... I have some funds to kick it off then I have to sell my own.home These houses are for my kids so I want it done right of course . I would really appreciate some advice 18-212 - 02A Proposed Elevations (1)west lodge.pdf 18-212 - 01A Proposed Plans.pdf