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  1. Not required now but thanks for the response.
  2. Reviving this old thread, we backed out of a plot in Somerset as Covid arrived and have been sheltering in Portugal throughout. We have decided to claim residency here and found a great place where we both would be happy to live. Ironic as we are both Brexit voters! Anyway, we have decided to buy a place here in two or three years and was looking at the building regs here. Prior to 1951 regs didn't exist and the building stock is full of old inefficient building with damp as a major problem. I first read the term nZEB only a couple of days ago and discovered that throughout the EU, any domestic building which attain permission to build from 1/1/21 has to comply with this standard. What is the standard? Depends on the country apparently, if you have more renewables you can have less insulation is how I see it. On balance though, it must be a good thing though, just a pity the UK Gov done a massive U turn under Cameron. We should be leaders, not following the pack.
  3. New Tesla factory in the US coming. To build the Cybertruck.
  4. Yes, obviously I like Tesla too, but then I have driven quite a few different makes of electric cars and I think they are all cool, from the I3, Ipace to the leaf, all great fun.
  5. You're right, it's not Even a Concept Car. According to to the link it's further down the line than that and it's real name is a Production-Intent Prototype. Wow, learn something every day. Actually, I think that's the bit they are working on now. So what we have seen so far is a working prototype. This is also Not Even A Concept Car:
  6. Well, that's a very polite way of calling me an idiot, along with another half a million. I know there are concepts, most can't actually drive but you say it's not even a concept yet it does drive on the road. I didn't say I would expect to get one next year, not in the UK. But Tesla have said, (not me) that it will be launched next year. It would be silly to do a U turn after saying that, why would they? I know it's not a final design but I'm not an engineer so as far as safety is concerned I trust that can be accommodated. I can't recall any other car Tesla has scrapped after announcing that it would be produced. You obviously have insider information on this, can you reveal, or do you just feel it in your water? Or did you just read it somewhere on the internet? Please tell. Latest News:
  7. I wouldn't read too much into that, they make RHD cars in batches and try to time it for the current quarter taking into account the five weeks it takes to get here. 150 cars have appeared into inventory over the last couple of days but are almost certain to still be on the ships steaming up the western approaches. Trying to time it for the new tax year I expect.
  8. I see the Tesla Model 3 has just won the UK car of the year award. Not too shabby then. From an article: It is also nice to take note that three of the nine champions in their respective categories were all-electric vehicles, proving that the quality and performance of EVs is not only nearing, but exceeding that of internal combustion cars. The Kia e-Niro grabbed the second place while the Porsche Taycan finished third together with the BMW 3 Series.
  9. Well, the market cap seems to disagree with you One is a growth company that BTW does a lot more than make cars, reportedly to soon be making their own batteries too and the other is trying to pivot as quickly as possible to an electric future but is having big problems, partly they can't get the number of batteries they need and partly delays to do with software, which almost certainly will end up with them paying a lot in those emission fines. If you think they will go bust you could always short the shares. BTW, I am a bit of a Tesla fan boy but definitely not a blind one.
  10. In the news today:
  11. The effect is already beginning, if you look at the number of new cars being sold around the world in the last couple of years. I read that article last year when it was written and it seems to be coming true and should go on for many years. In the next downturn (Corvid19 perhaps), some of the existing car makers are going to run out of money. This transition will be as disruptive as the change from horse and carts to cars 120 years ago.
  12. I agree, also Daimler have been caught too but that isn't generally known about. In the US the VW brand is absolutely hated because of this and has cost them long term I think, although in Europe we seem to be more forgiving.
  13. The very first day my daughters neighbour bought his model 3 performance (7th of July or August) he let me drive it. He lets anyone he knows drive it and it is only after they have a go that they 'get it'. He's also converted a lot of people. The seats are the most comfortable of any car I have driven and they are made in house by Tesla. Apparently there are only three companies that make all of the seats of all of the cars in the world. The build quality isn't up to the high standards of some others historically but apparently they have improved, and the service isn't what it should be but the cars themselves are on a completely different level. All electric cars are very easy to drive and there is now greater choice and with the tax advantages from April it should be a no brainer, especially as legislation in the future will penalise ICE cars. And so it should too because we all like to breath clean air, don't we? I suppose at the end of the day people just like what they know but one way or another the writing is on the wall for ICE cars. Worth a Google on the 'Osbourne effect on the car industry' Could be a very expensive mistake to buy a new ICE car now.
  14. Nothing I know of, but it wouldn't surprise me. Although are commercial vehicles subject to different regulations. I know they are in the US. Although I am a very early reservation holder, I may end up with something else. I just know the pickup I now have will be the last ICE car I will ever buy. What makes me laugh is the number of people that diss electric cars who have never tried one. Just try one and you will soon get it. Talk to the average person and they come out with all the usual rubbish as if they are talking facts, when in fact they are just talking rubbish.
  15. Time will tell. You really should get your facts right though. The truck simply isn't on a model X platform. Another fact is the deposit in the US was $100, in the EU single currency area it was 100 Euro. I would love to see your source for the "not many people" comment. Time will tell.