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  1. It seems to me that most people don't like electric cars simply because people as a rule don't like change but change is coming so they had better like it or lump it. Legislation banning polluting cars from cities has started and will only accelerate. Incentives will be part of the carrot and stick approach but the goal is to clean up the air and the trend isn't going to be reversed anytime soon. A big cost but also a huge opportunity. From some of the comments you might think people like the taste of diesel fumes. Welcome to the 21st century.
  2. So you went for the model 3 I presume. What one? Brilliant car. What most people who diss electric cars have never driven one, far better to drive.
  3. Actually after a life in a BEV the batteries can have a second life, as home storage for instance and then can be recycled. I know Tesla's Gigafactory in the US is setup for recycling. As has been said, beats spending a lot of energy to extract, transport,refine, transport a second time and then burn once with the resulting pollution. Change is good, embrace it!
  4. A switch is for functional switching as opposed to an isolator that is present to isolate equipment for maintenance. For instance a bathroom fan on a lighting circuit has a three pole switched isolator so the fan can be cleaned/maintaned with the lights still on. An isolator also has to be local to the equipment being isolated but a switch doesn't have to because it is a functional switch and can be operated from a distance to the switched appliance.
  5. Consider having an ALL OFF switch when leaving the house and to include a servo to turn off the water supply into the house when activated (controlled so it won't work if the WM is being used etc) Wouldn't want a flood in that room! I know this can be done with Loxone.
  6. Is it worth having PV panels facing east, south and west to get the optimum solar generation? I would consider two banks, one South West and the other South East
  7. My son in law is the heating engineer in this video and he reckons the system is a good one. Other than that I know nothing about it.
  8. I don't think it's been mentioned but if installing a new CU all the existing circuits will have to be tested, therefore you can expect the electrician to be all over the house taking reading as well as a lot of testing of the circuits at the new CU location. A new cert will have to be issued and the work is under part P regs.
  9. Worth noting that the UK has the largest offshore wind potential of any country in the world due to the high and consistent offshore winds and shallow waters. The transition to electric vehicles is addressed in the report and I remember reading something about 20% of new builds in London which have off street parking must now have car charging points and the other 80% must have the wiring installed for the future. The papers focus on gas after 2025 but that is only a small part of it. Currently, transport is the origin of 15% of our pollution but that is due to reduce in the coming years due to electrification and buildings produce 14% and the best way to reduce that is to ban gas on new builds whilst using heat pumps with low temperature wet heating systems and passive house techniques, according to the report. Lets face it, most of the energy used in a house is for space heating in the winter and to reduce pollution we have to use a lot less energy. I expect the government will water a lot of it down as usual though.
  10. Just read much of the report and they advocated timber frame where possible, 15-to 20 KWh/M2, basically passive house with MVHR, heat pumps and low temp heating. Basically what many self builders have been doing for the last five years. Also ending the planning loop holes that allow old planning permissions to build to earlier standards, conversions of commercial property into domestic to ignore part L and tighter inspection to ensure as built performance matches designs with greater penalties. Much on overheating too and shading etc. Great report but will it get kicked into the long grass just like Cameron did (most over rated PM for a generation imo). UK-housing-Fit-for-the-future-CCC-2019.pdf
  11. As you know, Tesla isn't the only provider of batteries. There is for instance BYD and Sonnen for instance. In the news today, Shell have bought Sonnen as they are repositioning themselves away from an oil company to an energy company.
  12. You have to be careful with cable size in DC applications as they can sometimes refer to the diameter of a cable including the insulation. Shouldn't be an issue in our applications unless off grid.
  13. I have only read part of this thread, so I don't know if it's been mentioned, but I would have thought the best way to avoid solar gain with a passive house from windows is to make the decision at the design stage to have electric external blinds to certain windows, perhaps controlled by Loxone or maybe manually. This is by far the greatest source of overheating and it has got to be better avoiding it in the first place rather than then having the problem of dealing with it once it has occurred .
  14. I am between houses after looking for a plot for a while and have a Welsh made Celtic Rambler Fifth Wheel trailer made and are currently in Portugal. I have 3 X 335w panels with a Victron 200Ah 12v Lithium battery and a Victron Multiplus 3000 VA inverter charger, Victron CCGX, MPPT etc. Works well and volts drop on 180A loads are not a problem at all. Very clever kit Victron, and often used with LG Chem batteries I think.
  15. Hi all, back from the dark side!