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  1. Thanks for the replies, I shall ring on Monday👍🏻
  2. Our planning application is currently going through the local council. the public consultation is over, the only comment we got was from the parish council , who recommended that it be approved. I was just wondering if it’s worth ringing the planning officer at some point to see if there’s any information she needs etc etc. Or should I just keep my head down for a few weeks? the only contact we’ve had is at the beginning when she came round to put the notice up. She knocked on the door , took a few pictures round the back of the house and then left. What do you think? thanks in advance
  3. Jaygti

    Hi everyone

    Just saying hello. We are planning to turn our bungalow into a house. The plans are in with the council, and we should get a decision by the 31st of January. I’ve learnt a lot from this site already, so a big thanks already. Be prepared for a few more questions in the coming months. Thanks jason