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  1. Mr P - Ferdy & Pro D Thank you all for your invaluable input. Might it not be as big as we think though due to the shallow roof pitch? If I was building for profit (haha - these days!) I might consider creating two beds upstairs but it wouldn't have got through planning. (they were adamant that it would only have 2 beds & the perhaps the downstairs space probably wouldn't support what would be needed for a 3 bed) I totally agree with regard to the bath & store room - not sure why he did it like that - perhaps he loves lots of storage?! It's likely I will incorporate some of the store room into the bathroom and site the bath beneath the sloping ceiling. Window is looking more likely instead of the second set of doors in the lounge - I don't really want the window centred in the room as it won't allow me options of moving my sofa about. (So sorry Sensus!) I mean I love a bit of symmetry...... but ability to change the room around trumps it for me. There is no need for a door to be there but I did think that seeing more of the garden might make the lounge seem bigger - and also I love the sunshine.
  2. I see & appreciate your OCD Sensus. 😉 I can be particular about some things and perhaps less so about others - though I would want both sets of french doors on the west side to be the same size - and not as the current plans show. Furniture placement is an issue as the living area is not huge but if I do have doors that gives me problems then with radiators - perhaps normal windows will be best. (and probably cheaper)
  3. ProDave's is good & will look great with the balcony. The cupboards won't be on that side so I could consider a small window there - cupboards likely to be the other side possibly with a small area taken off to create a 'fireplace' in the lounge next door if I decide to have a log burner eventually. Can't do this now as cost is key. I've attached the elevations. Thank you so much for your responses - it really helps me sift through possibilities.
  4. Ah tilt & turn - they would be ideal. I'll have a look at those - and I'm with you on just two doors if I go for doors on the bedroom. Thank you!
  5. You've been such a help to me so far with my big dreams little house - these are my outline approved plans. We have a start date for Jan. Whoop whoop! BUT - I'm so confused about the external doors/windows for downstairs. I'd really appreciate some views apart from mine. For the ground floor bedroom I had planned to have a set of double doors - the architect has added in a middle window thinking I might need to have a window open and not a door but I'm not keen on that look at all & now wondering whether to convert the doors to a normal window. In the living area - I'm happy with all one space - the kitchen installed will not be L shaped but just along the back wall in one line. I'm wobbling with regard to the doors in there too. I didn't see the value of bi-folds but I did want to see as much of the garden as possible. I was hoping to achieve a nice look with having the doors on the south facing side (the bigger set) being as close to the other set of doors to gain sun from the west but also look a bit smart - but now I'm questioning my judgement & wondering if its all a bit too bonkers. Again I think there might be a need to open windows instead of doors due to the kitchen being in the same room. Any other ideas would be gratefully received. I've put the upstairs plan on too - at least I'm happy with the windows up there!
  6. ok - thank you everyone for your view - I'll contact him - I'm keen to avoid needless delays.
  7. I partially wondered if he'd been deliberately not quite what we wanted so that if the planners want something changed we can change it for them but get it right at the same time! Hmmmm.... more deliberation needed. 🤔
  8. He's omitted a window upstairs but it looks onto the road - not into any garden and the velux windows are in the wrong place but they don't over look anyone either. Perhaps it's not so much a concern then....
  9. Am I correct in thinking that the architect plans submitted to the planning department for reserved matters should really show the windows where I would like the windows to be - rather than just putting them in where he has. Obviously if there are building constraints then that's fine but when I tried to explain where I wanted them initially he told me it didn't matter yet. I'm concerned that it does matter. There's already been some long delays - not all due to him but the recent 24 day one was. He's also added an external wall to be clad in larch which hasn't been discussed or even mentioned. Perhaps I'm wrong [hopefully!] and I can just decide to relocate Velux windows and others once the planning has been approved but it all seems a bit odd to me.
  10. Interesting concept @Simplysimon - thank you - that would certainly give more room upstairs - I quite like bed 1 on that side as it's east facing and will have french doors instead of a window - moving it would mean I could only have a window on the north side. I know of someone though who dropped the ground floor ceiling height a little - it didn't look as bad as first thought and that gave quite a bit more room upstairs too. [not that I'm suggesting that's going to happen here.] I've been measuring it all out in my head and on the floor of where I'm currently staying. My neighbours have said they are happy with it which is all positive so now it's a case of whether the planning dept will be concerned about it being in front of the building line of the properties going the other way. My architect tells me he'll be submitting the plans this week. Time to look for a cheap rental nearby as my previous plan of having a static isn't going to work. It's too small. 😥
  11. I'm liking the votes for the UPstairs washing machine which should fit nicely under the eaves. I've heard about the two dishwasher technique Jilly - very sensible - though I'll be happy with a slimline one - I've been without for so long - hand washing is pretty grim. 🙁 Thanks everyone for your comments and views.
  12. I guess it can be annoying opening more doors than you need to if you are merely accessing the garden. I'm staying in a place with a 4 door bi-fold and its annoying as you have to open two of them to get out although I understand this is not the case with them all. What I do like about them though is the sense of space they give to small rooms - and the sunshine of course!
  13. Ok.. . thanks for that tip Christine... will do. 😁
  14. Thats a great idea PeterW - thank you. Not sure why he'd put a tank in there as I'll be having a combi boiler. I might put a bath along there instead and move the door. The other thing I've been considering which might impact on that is an UPstairs washing machine. 😱😱
  15. Thanks Moonshine - I'm not a fan of bi-folds so it's likely to be a set of french doors on the south side and a set on the west side hopefully near to the south west corner of the house. If I was loaded I'd have some sort of corner door/window super set but french doors are fine.