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  1. I'm making notes, growing ideas and waiting for the green light to go go go.... 🏃‍♀️ but of course - dreams are usually [and not always] realised one step at a time.
  2. The ridge is East/West in line with the host house. If I have manage to get an upstairs approved for full planning there would be a window overlooking the road but obviously none at the opposite end [east] where next doors house is.
  3. You are correct Temp - there isn't any PDR on this development as the planners are very concerned about over development. Build costs are a strong factor - I'm about 20k short despite having a frugal outlook. OP is not restricted in his/her head to a limited template laid down by the outline, How lovely to not be restricted in our heads at all. 😁 Thank you again everyone for your input. I'm looking forward to keeping everyone updated and implementing some of the super ideas. It's gone from a small dream to something super special.
  4. Thank you for such an interesting concept Ferdinand and I like your plan a lot. I'd probably end up using the back door as my main entrance as its closest to car parking although I have learnt recently that the host house [for whom I have to provide parking] plans to park on their front garden. It's surprising how when you remove the original proposed build all sorts of ideas come to mind. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes. Next on my list is caravan research....bring on the summer warmth. 😎
  5. Thank you Ferdinand - all great thoughts. I'm reassured. On the plan from the architect which is the one attached to the contract of sale there isn't a dogleg - the boundary line goes straight across as per your suggestion. Obviously the parking is worse for the host house and in their first application for planning there isn't any provision for parking for them - I guess they are happy parking on their front garden which is what they currently do. I did want to include a party wall agreement in the sale but my conveyancer didn't feel this was possible but I have have asked if he can add the scaffolding guarantee. The sellers were kind enough to allow me to check the drains in their garden previously. [they were deep enough for me to fully stand up in!] I like the idea of side by side parking - much more practical too - although the planners may say that takes the driveway too close to the bend in the road. I've only one car and luckily won't need a fibre glass inspection pit so was wondering about the future possibility having multi use space - so the second car parking space can also be extra garden space at times. If they don't allow turning the house front to back I'd hopefully in future park on the front anyway as long as none of the protesting neighbours dobbed me in! I only have the funds to purchase the plot and probably about 80-90% of the build depending on how it goes - the remaining 10% is likely to be on a small mortgage so buying the house as well isn't possible.
  6. I guess my biggest fear is that I'd buy it and then somehow not be allowed to build it for some reason I've not understood or any/all of the reasons everyone has outlined above. Of course I'd love to improve it slightly space wise but if the worse came to the worse I could be happy in it just as it is. I think there might be possibilities to challenge some of the decisions because at the moment it's very not disability friendly either.
  7. I love those long term hedge strategy stories..... 😁😁 They are pushing for a decision asap of course - it has taken 3 months to get this far and I suspect they are getting fed up waiting. They'd be good neighbours as they have another house and are away there a lot. Originally and currently the parking is on the front of their house and their garage is where my proposed house will be. I have to move a lampost to create both drives and the planners have written into the approval letter that the parking area must be completed and approved before the house is bought into use. Apologies too if I take time to reply as I'm not getting automatic notification of posts even though I've ticked the 'notify me of replies' box.
  8. Thank you so much for all these insights. My conveyancer has tried to gain further clarification regarding the parking size however the council planning team won't comment as there currently isn't enough information and the sellers solicitor says they are not prepared to pay for further work to gain this. They said the plot is only sold with outline and if I don't want to continue with the purchase [almost ready to sign the contract now] they'll put the whole [plot and their house] on the market. When I originally saw it I presumed we'd both be able to park on the front because naturally that's where you would choose to park. There were complaints from the neighbours in respect of parking [despite them all having their own drives] and also the town council didn't want the planning to be approved on the grounds that the street could be over developed. Ferdinand has it spot on regarding it being on a corner plot and whilst I love the idea of turning it around Pro Dave is correct in that they might not permit an enclosed front garden - perhaps a hedge could get a bit out of control though. I don't have any actual measurements either - surely that should be standard prior to purchase? The sellers also used an agent to get this one through - not sure if that makes a difference or not. I'm happy to attach the previous refused plan if it would help. You are all amazing - thank you.
  9. The building by the parking provision is the garage of the other house next door which is co-incidentally for sale. I'm hoping to put my caravan [builders office] on the parking places during the build as the plot is tight.
  10. The design was just the one that the architect drew for the plot sellers in order for them to gain planning permission. A previous bigger design in a slight different place was denied permission. I imagine I'll be going to the same architect for the plan for full planning. The plot is in Suffolk and the rest of the street is mainly brick 1960's semi's although there are two other detached bungalows built upon previous garden plots.
  11. Thanks ProDave - I'd be considering double doors on the west side to maximise the sunlight and also possibly not having a hall all the way through so that the stairs could go in the hallway space instead.
  12. Here's the outline plan for my teeny house. Scary posting on here because I know my build has huge limitations but everyone has been so helpful already. It's very small but perhaps that also makes is very simple? I'm due to see the architect soon for consultation prior to full planning however it would be really helpful to gain any insights anyone might have into the best use of space and design. It's quite compromised by the parking requirements. I know there are probably easier plots to work with but none that fit my budget in the area I need to be. Luckily I'm not too fussed about a small garden. Sorry there are no actual measurements apart from on the house plan itself. The front elevation is south facing. The east elevation can't have any windows as its set against the boundary with the host house. The planning department is not keen on allowing an upstairs however I wondered if it might be considered if I only keep two bedrooms - one upstairs with a bathroom and one downstairs with a shower room. I'n not sure of the correct terminology but the planning is subject to no automatic right for permitted development rights for loft conversions etc otherwise I'd just add that in afterwards.
  13. simplepimple

    Outline planning meaning for dummies!

  14. simplepimple

    Outline planning meaning for dummies!

    Super! Thanks ProDave. 🤙
  15. My outline planning has the following stipulation regarding the provision of parking for the 'host' house along with parking for the new build. Does the wording 'brought into use' mean when the build has been completed and you are ready to move in? If I decide to go with an onsite caravan {So many questions about that one - I've been avidly reading the other threads.} the only place it can go is where both driveways are due to be constructed. No development shall commence until details of the areas to be provided for the manoeuvring, parking of vehicles for xxxxxx and the dwelling hereby permitted, including secure cycle storage, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The approved scheme shall be carried out in its entirety before the development is brought into use and shall be retained thereafter and used for no other purpose.