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  1. I have put up photos of the front and back roof taken from the ground floor. I will try and find someone with a ladder to go up and take photos from the scaffolding Any comments please. My neighbour who retired as a builder about 13 years ago tells me the roof is well done. It drizzled and I thought some sections of the felt in the loft space got stained with droplets of water. My neighbour says it is nothing to worry about but I am not sure.
  2. Thanks for the information and advice, Much appreciated. My contract states I will pay the balance to the roofer, after the Building Control inspection. If I get an independent roofer/builder/inspector report does my roofer have to comply with the recommendations? Where can I find a list of independent roofer/builder/inspectors? Would it be better to wait and see if I have any problems with the workmanship before commissioning an independent report? Can I buy an insurance backed guarantee? I have a 25 year guarantee but if the roofer goes out of business its worthless.
  3. I replaced the roof on my two-story house with concrete interlocking tiles and the dry ridge roofing system. I paid the local authority building control department to inspect the work and provide an approval certificate. The roofer left the scaffolding up, so the inspector could go up and check the work. The roofer was not on site when the inspector arrived. The inspector said he could not go up the scaffolding to inspect the work as the roofer had not left him a ladder. My next-door neighbor is a builder and I offered to collect one from him. The inspector declined to state it was not needed and he would inspect the work from ground level. Part of his view is blocked by the scaffolding boards. He went across the road and checked the front and side roof without using binoculars and said it was all ok. He told me he did not need to check the rear of the property as he had viewed it from the adjacent road where he had parked his car. He opened the loft hatch, briefly looked in the loft without turning on the light, and said it was ok. He walked under the scaffolding and said he could see from the gaps in the scaffolding that the new gutters, fascias, and soffits were all ok. He spent a maximum of l0 minutes, said he has completed the inspection, and passed the work. I repeatedly told him that I was concerned that he had not gone up on the scaffolding to inspect the roof closer, nor had he used binoculars for close-up checks. He told me not to worry and everything is ok. My friend involved the local authority inspectors who passed her roof last week. She tells me her inspector visited twice and each time, he went up the scaffolding and did a close-up inspection of the work. I am concerned that there may be snagging work or problems with the work that the inspector did not pick up. Is this the right way to inspect roof work? My son suggested I pay an Independent inspector to get a thorough report. Is that ok and will the roofer comply with that if additional work is necessary? The roofer left the scaffolding up from Thursday 14.4.2022 for the inspection and will take it down on Tuesday 19.4.2022 (due to the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend). As it is Easter Weekend I cannot contact the Local Authority till Tuesday. I paid the Local Authority £250 to inspect the roof which was costly to replace and I am very concerned.
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