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  1. Hi Can anyone recommend a water softener that will work on 6 bar pressure? BWT and Monarch seem to be limited to 5 bar Thanks
  2. Thanks for clarifying, yes, I meant the box on the right. Thought it was heating related
  3. Starting from scratch, what would you guys decide to install?
  4. Thanks for the thorough answers guys. We have a conventional boiler at the moment fed from water tanks, I think it's a oil Worcester boiler under a different name. The plumber didn't say anything about converting it, just said he'd install a unvented cylinder. Our underfloor will be about 30m2, all the rest of the house rads. The UFH room also joins another room with no divide and that has rads. When you say directly, do you mean as in what a combi would be doing? I guess it would run independently. The HRC sounds nice but I don't know if I need it, the main bathroom is probably about 20m away from the cylinder. I've read up on short cycling and dont see how that would be avoidable without a thermal store. Also seems on the expensive side to run Im definitely not brave enough for 4 kids either. I'm a real novice, do you mean you have a thermal store and a cylinder, or are they the same? What's the white box in your picture? I have space for a cylinder (or similar) and the boiler in my outside store) cupboard. thanks again
  5. Hi Can someone please provide some advice? We currently have a boiler with a cold water tank in a vented system with no hot water pressure upstairs, and due to the way the existing system was installed, pumps don't help. As part of house works we're installing under floor heating, and the plumber suggested a mega flow with a system boiler and he has said I don't need to change my boiler, just the cylinder. He will also make the system unvented. Is it more sensible for a system boiler over a combi? I have been offered a nearly new combi boiler by family for free. My house is a 4 bed with 2 bathrooms (1 is rarely used, which will probably change in the future? Also, would a conventional boiler do the job of a system boiler? Thanks
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