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  1. The working routine of your cleaning lady sounds really irresponsible ... About my situation, maybe the reasonable solution is to talk with some local company. It would've been nice to find some magic trick to fix this
  2. A cleaner designed for wood with neutral pH it should not be the problem.
  3. Nope, it didn't worked out It would've been great to find such a fast and easy solution (definitely worth trying) .
  4. I will try .. just a second
  5. I'm almost sure it's solid, it has been here already long before us, to be honest. We've got it sealed with lacquer few years ago.
  6. On this photo, it looks like outworn, but that's the best quality I can provide with my camera. From other angles, it's barely noticeable.
  7. Hello folks, As I've recently said I'm really impressed by the comprehensive answers to other topics in the forum. This is the reason why I'm sure someone of you will have the knowledge to help me. My problem: The oak wood floor in my bedroom is suffering from some kind of hazy buildup. I'm not sure what exactly caused this but it looks very much like a cloud. I think that a service like a floor sanding can solve this problem but I don’t have such budget at the moment. So I'm wondering if any of you can share experience in dealing with such problem. I've found a possible solution online (with ammonia) on this website but I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do in my case. I would appreciate if someone says if it's adequate option, because I don’t want to do more damage to the surface Thanks in advance.
  8. Marie Turner

    Hey, Everybody!

    This conversation went in an interesting direction. TBH I've had a lot to catch up I feel totally fine being called 'girl' it sounds friendly (doesn't feel like reference to stupid or lowering the tone in this context). Respect!
  9. Marie Turner

    Hey, Everybody!

    Hey folks, I just wanted to express my admiration to all of you part of this community. It's good to know that there is a place where you can find honest and professional advice. About me - the typical housewife, trying convince my stubborn husband I'm right , even when it's about man's job.