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  1. How does the next flue liner sit on this (how would it bond and not leak smoke) when you still have more sections to go up?
  2. That’s great thanks, is there any chance you could forward it to (email address redacted) ? I'm on iPad and it's not cooperating many thanks
  3. Hi ragg987 yes, I’ve got a cad drawing somewhere with all the planned figures on it. Dont think I’d know where to begin! I didn’t get the blank form. where could I get one from? thanks
  4. Hi, I have installed a Villavent mhvr system in my new build a few years back and it’s been running fine. I never got my final ticket, due to a lack of funds and had to just move in. I now desperately need my final ticket , so I can try to claim vat back. Do any of you clever people know the cheapest, easiest way for me to get a commissioning certificate passed on my system for building control. Im in Conwy, N.Wales. Appreciate and look forward to any help. Thanks Paul
  5. Hi, I’m in Conwy, North Wales. I installed a Villavent vr400 dc system in my new build home, a few years ago. As money had run out and just needed to move in, I set all the ceiling terminals to about half and switched on. i now need a commissioning certificate, to get my final ticket, from building control. PLEASE can any one help me either ‘fudge’ a certificate or point me towards someone local’ish ,that knows what there doing. I really haven’t a clue! Thanks for any help.
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