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  1. Fredd

    Final checklist before purchasing plot...

    be careful here. The rules below are from severn trent you would need to check with yorkie water but they will likelky be same. If the sewer run under or within 4 meters of the house/footing you will have to get it diverted. They dont allow build over agreements for a new build. If the diversion can be contained on your land, you can have a contractor do it for you. If there is not enough room the sewer company has to divert. £££££££ can easily be £20k
  2. Fredd

    Passing the Air Test

    i dont think you understated. only the very bottom of all the walls and studs are foamed to seal them. We dont use 435 cans foaming the entire walls haha! The tops of the boards are open to roof space in bungalow so need to be sealed. No drama. once plastered and skirted you would not be able to tell if it was or wasnt. it just passes the test. What you see on tv is when they have already skirted the walls so now they cant do a permanent job and foam, they have to tape - test - remove tape.
  3. Fredd

    Fredds rule no2.

    you cant do any work in the verge or road bud at least in our county, cant even drop your own kerb. Of course all the onsite is done to site boundary, goes without saying.....
  4. Fredd

    Passing the Air Test

    So you liked my can eh. The issue with the eco tests, we know they well intended but in the scheme of things just not anywhere near the top of the list for the majoirty of buyers. Any regs add cost and its a balancing act giving value and nice house to the buyer at a cost they can afford which gets everyone paid. We are no differnet from any other builder, the walls get dabbed and boarded. They boarder is on a price just like everyone else. To add an eco tax to his wages just wouldnt fly. So the building gets foamed up and passes the test. In some ways its a good thing us volume builders dont use the small number of highly skilled trades as there just isnt anywhere near enough of them. There day rates cant be justified on normal homes, for 650+ homes of course. It's just how it is.
  5. I see your 40k submersible air tight timber frame and riase you So its air test day. More £££ your first time buyer is going to have to work another 3 weeks overtime to pay. Make sure all the windows are mastic'd up including the under the cill which the fitters allways seem to forget as they cant get the nozzle in. Go round and foam the bottom of all plasterboarded walls, studs (both sides)the lot. Block up the chimmuck and air brick for the log burner if you have bothered fitting one for another £££ the hetas guy. tape up the loft hatch. 7 minutes later, you have a nice draft proof house and a pass no silly money spent and the first time buyer can still afford it.
  6. Fredd

    Fredds rule no2.

    morning you air tight eco builders! my point here is not to let your architect set your DPC height he wont be the one digging out the muck and paying for it to be hauled off. Let him set the ridge height (if needed) and you work it down from there. Too much ££££ at stake. You do not want to dig a big hole and put your house in it. This is my normal process now: 1. scrape off all the green crap 100-200mm. 2. laser to see what levels are like. 3. Hammer a spike into a corner, measure ridge height to adjoining and where DPC needs to be on the build, mark it on the spike. I use a leica D8 for this. cheap and brilliant little tool can even work out pitch. 4. Now if that mark is above ground, all well and good. if its the mark is minus more than 100mm then roof pitch it changed to accommodate. worst I've had is 550mm which we jiggered down to 220. Still a lot of wasted cash though. The 40k example wasnt just muck away cost (15k) we had to get an adopted sewer moved as the footings were so deep and too close. If we were 200mm higher then the sewer move would not have been needed. YOu drawn a diagonal line from your footing out into the build depending on depth and if it intersects sewer. ching ching. Oh yes the sewer company subs out the job, it gets costed by the subbie and you cough up. No other quotes obtained. Legalised scammery.
  7. Set your DPC height to save you ££££ Plots are not equal. some are pigs, pigs have to be made into bacon. Generally, you want DPC to be as high as the planners will let you. Not all planners will be interested, mainly they will put condition on the planning where you have to tell them slab height. MEasure it up accurate and then add 2 bricks and send it in. We havent yet had them come back and question it (they have no clue how to measure it anyway) and it means you have 2.55 ceilings and a higher roof if need be. Dont tell them i told you. 1 or worse 2 bricks difference in DPC can be a 5 figure sum in groundworks and muck away depending on size of build. Tricks we have done in past, raise DPC by 3 bricks and dropp pitch of roof to keep ridge height with next door. £40000 saved.
  8. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    yes your right. its the inside skin which is insulated by the cav, block, board, plaster and paint. ok it could be better but expensive. not worth the ££££££ to a first time buyer.
  9. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    dont get me worng, i'd love to build houses with passive and fart tight. noone would be able to afford them. you lot here are a very lucky bunch, you getting amazing homes for life. most folks are not there, they are on the start of the journey.
  10. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    jesting aside, the build we finished just before chistmas, the room stats reported 18 (underfloor heating). and i pulled the breaker chistmas eve. went in new years day and it was 14. them screen floors sitting on celotex hold the heat for bloody ages. but i'll not argue against being stripped naked !!
  11. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    the beams and blocks are insualted from the rest of the build by the celotex, ill take a picture of the next one. there are no cold bridges. 100mm in cav. 400mm in loft. Floor is screed only after the shell and windows are in, pre-plaster.
  12. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    well i thank you in a roundabouts way. Please tell me, why you went down the frame route and lets go from there.
  13. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    whatever you paid the groundworkers to do that wasnt enough! work of art that. i'd sack the plumber who put the underfloor tails that high and spread out though. terrible.
  14. Fredd

    Gamekeeper turned Poacher!

    ok well then i apologise as you is upset, and im the last chap youd meet who likes upsettting folk. i didnt read the whole lot, but if i upset you im sorry. it wasnt my intent and if we met in the local im not the not of chap who would upset you bud. yaki dah
  15. Fredd


    you have hit the nail bang on the head here stoner. ive yet to do a build where there havent been compaints/hassle. it just goes with the territory. Crack on and be helpful where you can, delivery lorries are rarely there more than 20 mins. I only give notice where i will be preventing someone getting out when say concrete pump will be there for a couple hours. or a crane. if they kick off then (and ive had many) I just tell them to call the police. Not yet had the police turn up, have had council on phone though. explained the issue. notice given. no other way to do it. complainer being deliberately awkward and no wont move until its done which will be a matter of hours.