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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone! Looks like the common recommendation is having a utility room and cutting back on the garage. I've never had a utility room before so this isn't something I'm familiar with. What's a sufficient size for the utility room (my boiler system will be in the loft)? I've made some quick changes to the layout which includes a utility room from the kitchen and removing the shower. The garage space has also been cut back though I'm reluctant to cut anymore since we want the flexibility to turn this into a decent sized bedroom. Dimensions of the utility room are roughly 2.3m x 2m and the kitchen 5m x 3.5m (wall to wall excl. units). Is something along the lines of what you're suggesting?
  2. I've always wanted to have wide bifolds/sliding system and a kitchen island ? Might have to consider using some of the garage space for the utility room The builders recommended having the boiler in the loft since we'll rarely need to touch it. Still undecided on whether we want a combi or megaflow system... The rear wall steel beam will be 203 UC46. We would love to but unfortunately we're only permitted 3.5m maximum Thanks for your suggestions, we're going for a pitched roof. We initially included a shower room since we weren't planning to have an ensuite upstairs and, in the long term, we may decide to turn the study into a bedroom so the shower room would be used by whoever stays there. But since we're having an ensuite upstairs, it may be worth taking out the shower.
  3. Yes, the driveway is big enough for 3 cars. So the existing main bathroom is where the new ensuite will be and the drains currently run down the inner wall of the garage. I assume these drains will be kept the same for the new ensuite. Thanks for your suggestion for the rooflights!
  4. Hi everyone, Hope you're all well! I recently purchased a 1930s semi detached house and plan to do a single storey rear extension for an open plan kitchen diner. The garage will also be converted into an office and I'm planning to add an en suite upstairs. Feel free to check out the attached drawings. I would love to hear your thoughts and any ideas to consider. Thanks!
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