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  1. we are looking at this just now and trying to decide whether to have engineered wood or tile or vinyl. Wood always looks nice but all these options add extra layer of finish and therefore cost. Has anyone polished their concrete screed to achieve a finished surface or I am being stupid? What are the downsides of polished concrete?
  2. Is this the intellectual equivalent to 'come outside and say that?'
  3. I love these posts where I understand absolutely nothing about what is being said. I had never even heard of 'Fake News' until Donald Trump so perhaps I have something to thank him for. On the other hand I avoid news and current affairs because of the bias or 'spin' as I last understood it was called which falls to whichever argument they are trying to put forward. Glancing at a Sunday newspaper recently, with its non enviro friendly packaging and six trees worth of garbage, took me all of five minutes before I realised that whatever it contained had no relevance to me and I was wasting my time looking at it when I should have been wasting my time doing something useless that I enjoy. Having said all that I would still rather believe Jeremy Harris than Trump or the BBC if only I could understand what he was talking about.
  4. Blimey I only went for a cuppa and all this info - thanks everyone you are very welcoming. It is the principle we are interested in not the certification. I have read as much of the forum as I can and absorbed much less but it is a fantastic source. I am already leaning towards Warmcel as Mr Harris' piece on decrement delay. thanks again
  5. Hello all We are converting a small agricultural steel frame barn to a house. The idea always was to use modern methods of construction to build a Passiv Haus. As the budget will not stretch to everything at once which elements could be removed from the build and perhaps added later? Is there a pecking order of must haves? Is living in a house built to current building regs such a bad thing anyway?
  6. Just a little off-piste on this thread Has anyone any experience of mortgage/insurance/warranty issues when using any of these materials. We are converting a steel frame agricultural building which has a cement fibre roof and keep coming up against the dreaded 'non standard construction' issues. So much so that we are considering block work and Eco roof 'tiles' just so we can say it's brick and tile Sorry if I have hijacked the thread but on a relative note our building is at least 20 years old and the cladding seems fine. The roof is good but we are going to replace it anyway for the above reasons.