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  1. This is my first post so would like to say Hi to everyone on the forum. I'm about to set out on my first selfbuild journey and already this forum has been very helpful. The build is North East England, brick and block construction, block beam ground floor and 1st floor with a 3rd floor in the roof. Total floor area of 335m2 over 3 floors. I intend to have UFH to both floor levels powered by a ASHP and 300L UVC for DHW. Solar panels on the detached garage roof aswell as MVHR. My question to everyone is; My architect has designed the plant room to be on the 3rd floor (3m x 1.5m), in a central location of the house. This is where the UVC and MVHR will be installed. The ASHP will be outside with a pipe run upto the 3rd floor of around 10m. Will this be a problem? Thanks, AD1