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  1. If I can add an additional point... There is an external chimney made of stone which will be unused when we remove the gas fire. I think it would be expensive to remove, so what's the best way of preventing the chimney being a route for cold air... Could I treat it as a cavity a d fill with say blown beads and seal it off, or could this lead to damp problems, in which case if I have to keep it ventilated I guess there is little to be done apart from love with it? Thanks again everyone for your help.
  2. Thanks. Getting to be a much bigger job!
  3. Very interesting folks and thank you for your replies. I am looking to do something with floor insulation as we'll be having new floor coverings on the ground floor - but not prepared to dig out existing solid floor and don't want to raise the floor much - so was looking at warmup boards which i think are 6mm - maybe I could go a little thicker though. The point re going underground externally by 300mm is interesting - in reality how much difference will this make as clearly there is a cost to dig out. Also please can you explain what you mean by pumping out the wall cavity to prevent thermal looping?! Thanks, Mike
  4. House is a 1970s box. Has hanging tiles on half of first floor. House generally feels colder than previous house. So, looking to improve heat retention. I got a cost to remove existing cavity wall insulation and replace with blown bead but actually I think spending the money on exterior wall insulation would be better as also want to remove hanging tiles and render the whole house anyway. Any thoughts / guidance / experiences on best materials for exterior insulation and render very welcome! Mike
  5. Hello folks - buildhub looks to be a great resource in partic the very helpful community. We have a 1970s box in Chester. I'm after some input re low profile ufh for ground floor with concrete sub floor - which brands / systems have people had a good or bad experience with. Floor finish will be laminate. And also anyone had experience of remediating cavity wall insulation with blown beads? Cheers, Mike