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  1. @Stones Can you tell me how you done your cost comparison? @the_r_sole Were thinking about PV panels to get it through the regs plus high levels of insulation (to be honest I don't know what the insulation levels will be, my father in law builds houses for a living so he is basically the project manager for that)
  2. Hi, I'm thinking about using K-rend in a new build. Does anyone have any scare stories or positive experiences with the material after it's been applied? Thanks in advance. Paul
  3. @JSHarris I've just been to a home building roadshow and spoke with some of the ASHP sellers. They advise that the ASHP needs a yearly maintenance check. They didn't elaborate on the price of this but I assume that it will be similar to the service of the oil boiler. Interesting that the ASHP has different settings. I'm personally looking to build in Aberdeenshire so would I get away with running it on Eco mode if I live in a colder climate than Wiltshire? The house will meet what the current build regs are in Scotland. I don't think there is going to be any more energy efficiency in the new build.
  4. Hi, I've been reading that in the lifespan of an ASHP vs a super energy efficient oil boiler that the oil boiler is in fact the least costly option. Obviously there is going to be fluctuations in oil price etc But even with the tariffs available for the ASHP the Oil Boiler comes out on top financially. Does anyone have any experience of this? Or compared both? Thanks Paul
  5. Hi, The situation for us may change where we have 85k for a deposit and can remortgage our current home to get another 85k so 170k in total. Our build cost is likely to be 210k so 40k short. I've phoned mortgage brokers who advise that it is 50k loan value minimum for a self build mortgage and even if I get a 50k one the fees are between 5 - 10k so it won't be worth my while and I should think about two personal loans for my wife and I. Does anyone know of any other type of financial product that may be viable in this circumstances except for a personal loan? Thanks Paul
  6. Hi Everyone, Our current situation is as follows: We currently live in a property worth around 200k and have 110k left to pay on the mortgage so have 80 - 90k to play with if sell We are looking at a plot that costs 95k but think we can get for 85k and my father in law who is a joiner advises that he will build it at cost so he estimates the cost to be £220k for the build We have 35k in savings We have spoken to a self build broker and they advise that taking into account our personal outgoings we would need an extra 20k from somewhere for a self build mortgage to work. My father in law has offered to take this out of his pension and we will then pay him back. He has also spoke about remortgaging his house to help us out. Obviously we are very grateful for these offers. He's only got a year left on his mortgage and his property is worth 500k. I was wondering if he could potentially remortgage his house rather than us getting a self build mortgage? If we can go down this road once the build is complete our house would probably be worth around 500k as well with no mortgage. I was thinking we could then get a mortgage on our new build property to pay off his mortgage? Obviously there may be penalties for paying off his mortgage early but I would try to avoid these and potentially get him to go for a remortgage provider than doesn't have these to avoid them. Any advice or experience of doing something like this? Thanks Paul
  7. North is the top left corner of the plan, south is bottom right corner.
  8. Hello, I would appreciate any comments regarding the draft plans I have had drawn up. The plans are at their very first stage and I will likely make changes but would appreciate any thoughts from users here! Thanks Paul Drumnicol new gf.pdf Drumnicol new ff.pdf
  9. When I asked Buildstore they said that's just what the Banks/BS want. They didn't really gave me an explanation, that's why i'm asking the question here. Because my partner and I have office jobs we can work from home from time to time so we could theoretically work in my father/mother in law's house more than 50% of the time which is adjacent to the build...
  10. But our work addresses tell them we work 3 hour drive from the build...
  11. Evening, I have been told by buildstore that to get the self build mortgage I will need to live next to the plot that I am building on. Our current circumstances are that we own a plot of land next to my mother/father in law. They stay roughly 3 hours away from where we stay just now. My father in law will be the one building and project managing the build for us as he does this for a profession. I don't understand buildstore's logic that we have to be living next to it day in day out. Once we get the mortgage we will be looking for jobs in the area they live so will eventually move up and we can stay at theirs practically every weekend if need be (and will be if we get a job while the build takes place). Can someone explain the logic behind the requirement of staying next to the build 24/7 that buildstore want? Thanks Paul
  12. Evening, I currently own my own home with a standard mortgage. In the next 6 months I'll be applying for a self build mortgage. I own the land that we are building on and my father in law is the builder/project manager (He builds houses as a profession). My intention is to use the land as a deposit to get the self build mortgage. I've had this confirmed as being ok to do so by build store, however some mortgage providers don't accept this which I'm ok with. In the background to this however, I am looking to get a buy to let mortgage for a property I have seen as an investment with a friend. This will be my first buy to let mortgage. I've ran some numbers and even with modest to medium interest rate rises I would still be fine with the salary I'm on and my current mortgage. I was just wondering if the buy to let mortgage will effect the self build if they are say 3 months apart? I've asked build store and they said that most banks etc will ignore the buy to let mortgage so I have nothing to worry about in getting the self build as long as the rest of my finances stack up. Is there anyone who has been through the self build mortgage process who has a buy to let mortgages as well? If so can you tell me what your experience was like and how the banks treated the buy to let mortgage? Thanks Paul