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fast forward - 2022

Kai casswell


Three years, two planning applications and an expensive appeal later we began preparing works. And no we didn't get permission for a new build. Instead we got planning permission for an 11m extension, basement and loft conversion of the old existing house, plus a large stable block in the back field.


The new design involved extending the rear of the house out 4m as three stories and then a large flat roofed single storey a further 7m, which will sit over a 30sqm basement.


The existing house is about 150sqm, 2" cavity brick construction, with solid concrete floor. The roof is a steep 55 degree pitch, double purlin on each side traditionally cut roof with 9m rafters.

237 north side elev.jpeg

237 front elev.jpeg

237 south side elev.jpeg

rear elevation .jpeg

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