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Another week, another plan change



14th Oct 20


I have spent less time than usual in the last week looking at the build and layouts, probably a good thing.

But, I still worry when other commitments get in the way, it doesn't really matter at the moment, but it will do once the action really starts.


Once thing we have done is look at buying a digger rather than hiring.

The issue we have is the back of the barn only has a very narrow passage way between the existing wall and a steep bank, so this need a mini digger for access to dig drains, but then digging holes for treatment plants, soakaways, drains and all the other things needed will be very slow with a mini.


What have others done, hired, bought and sold again, and if you buy what have you got and where from.

A friend of mine bought a new mini digger recently and paid less than we were thinking of paying for a 2nd hand one, he bought it from North Norfolk Vehicle Solutions, has anyone else used them.

Hubby is now looking in China to see how feasible it is to buy one there and ship it over, something he does a lot for work, although not for diggers.

But, it will only end up about 1k cheaper by the time you buy the digger, ship it and pay the duty and you have no support if there is a problem.

We are definitely going to get a 2nd hand dumper though.


The next big step is estimating, I think I've seen a comment about an online estimator so I'll look at that first.

I've been looking at what is needed, such as sockets, lights etc and have only managed one room so far, who knew there was so much stuff needed.

And, that is without walls, doors and windows etc.


It is exciting (really) doing practically everything yourself, but having only done renovations and extensions before, do the whole 240 m2 is a huge step up.

In the past I've allowed builders to make decisions about sockets etc and it's definitely not how I would like it so I'm being OCD about this as it's likely to be our last house.


Once we can start, after the phase 2 contamination survey, our first task is to strip the barn, inside and out and I'm really looking forward to doing something physical.

Although, the storage shed is still minus a roof after the old one collapsed, this doesn't bode well for getting the barn converted as the shed alone has taken many months.


Note to self, don't forget the CIL starting notification.




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