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Glazing, cladding and insulation



It's been a while since I last updated this, but we're slowly making progress. Since the completion of the roofing in November, we've mostly been cladding, the joiners fitted the doors and windows, we boarded the inside and last week the cellulose got blown in. It's reassuring how well the house retains the heat from a small portable heater, unlike anywhere else I've ever lived!


Bit of a delay in the cladding due to me underestimating both how much we needed and also how much we discarded (too much sap). Weather's made things a bit slower at times as well. Photos below.


Cladding in progress (don't look too closely). The ends have all been trimmed and bevelled now but this is the only photo I have.



The snow arrives, makes for cold hands when they're above your head hammering all the time.



Boarding the first floor with OSB



The insulation arrives.



And disappears into the walls within a day..





Next up, try and sort the foul drainage as it's been a bit neglected, MVHR first fix and then ready for electrical and plumbing first fix.


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Will you create a service cavity inside? What's your wall build up. 

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@Oz07, yes we will after first fix is in place.


From inside:


12.5mm plasterboard

38mm ish service void

9mm osb, taped joints

300mm jji stud wall filled with blown cellulose.

13mm panelvent fibre board

Tyvek breather membrane

25mm vertical and 38mm horizontal battens.

2 x 22mm board on board larch cladding.


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