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A second Christmas

Christine Walker


Merry Christmas everyone and I hope all your dreams of self build come true. This is our second Christmas in the new house although I think it’s more liveable now! The last few months have been spent getting it that way, it now resembles a home, all rooms are more or less finished although we will be revisiting the dining room  next year and trying to get something done with the staircase whether it be moving it to the position it should have originally been in had it not been short of around 40mm headroom and wouldn’t pass regulations or starting again with a new one! However this will wait until the garage is finished, it’s up and the roof trusses are on we just have to get some time to finish it off, we got a fantastic bargain of a up and over garage door, 4.3m wide from a chap who was in a new build and was changing his garage into living accommodation-£30! He had been advertising it without any luck and I just happened to spot it on gumtree just after he’d reduced it because he just wanted it away! Made to measure for us . Next year will also see the drive getting done, it’s only hardcore just now, and after that a proper holiday will be called for!

 I almost forgot about the front door where we decided disabled access should be , our one and only visit from building control brought up the fact that the door , being one of these two half doors , wouldn’t be suitable for disabled access as it only has a handle on one door, the other being opened with two little bolts top and bottom which could not be accessed by a wheelchair user, our own fault, we were meant to have the access at the back door but we would have needed quite a long ramp so decided on the change without giving the actual door much thought. I don’t like the existing door anyway so we will source another in due course, we can’t get off a temporary habitation certificate anyway until the garage is completed so all things to work towards! I’ve been up since 5.30 this morning as I had to have one of the dogs operated on yesterday and with 10 people for dinner it’s going to be a long day! I hope you all have a good day whatever you’re doing.

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What was building control's reaction when they refused a temporary habitation certificate, but it was abundantly clear you are actually living in it?

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