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About this blog

This is a blog following the renovation/upgrade of a 1960's ish semi-detached bungalow.  We bought it in 2017 for my elderly parents and are now planning for a complete new extension to the rear and side, as well as improving the insulation and air-tightness of the whole building.  While the majority of the large scale work is not going to take place till they no longer need the place, I do want to improve the energy efficiency and comfort. 


So instead of jumping in with some things which later need altering, I am looking to come up with a staged plan of works, employing a local company to help. They specialise in 'Eco' design for 'Ethical, inspiring and green' builds.  


I am also hoping for advice from here on many matters.  It will take some years to finish but i wanted to start recording the adventure😄.

Entries in this blog

Architect advice. Do we need this or not?

After my OH's reluctance to go for PV  soon, I needed a plan.  We had already talked and visited a local Eco Architect company when researching for our planned Passivhaus for the time we thought we had a plot.  I therefore got in touch to see what they offered.  We had a zoom meeting when i explained my plans.  Basically i wanted someone to help me plan the stages we could do now to help improve the parents comfort, with the intention to do the whole extension renovation when they don't need the

Solar advice.

While my parents are still in the bungalow, we are reluctant to do any major work as they would not cope with it.  However, I am keen to make improvements if possible.  The heating system is a large very old solid block in the centre cupboard, heated by electric coils overnight (economy 7) and then blown around the place.  It works fine and is quickly heats the place up, which they like.  There is gas in the road but not to the property and when they needed a new hot water tank, we installed a n


TheMitchells in solar

The story so far.

We bought the bungalow in 2018 to move my elderly parents closer to us following Mum's stroke.  While she recovered, they needed help most days, i was spending a lot of time travelling back and forward so it made sense to move them closer.  As they lived in Windsor, we could not afford to move that way and I was very suprised when they agreed to our suggestion to move closesr to us.  But it has proved very valuable in the years since.    I think we were very lucky in that when we start
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