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Evesham infill plot(s)E76104E7-7A86-4D27-B443-79847D20DA68.jpeg.0d3205932d0dd856e05e230aed5e9177.jpeg58AA9C36-3190-487E-85FD-89E5E2A120D3.thumb.jpeg.64c13a044166148d3c0ee78edd53ab26.jpeg9DDDE112-BABB-4CA5-AFA9-543481B8A3F9.thumb.jpeg.018e93aac7452b3a8535acfb2993cc9f.jpeg

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The story so far leading to this weeks demolition

It has been a long and windy road up to this point. I bought the plot in February 22 and have had over a year of ecology surveys, useless solicitors including the county solicitor and a few changes of plans along the way before planning was granted earlier this year. The old house which was formerly housing for workers on the fruit farm had been used as site offices for a national house builder. When the builders left it looked like they just finished on a Friday and locked up and went home
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