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This is the story of our project to upgrade a 1950s 2 storey detached house in Leicestershire to an almost air tight, highly insulated 4 storey family home. And we do all the work ourselves....We have nearly finished it now, but i have decided to put the story up here as and when i get time. Maybe it will be helpful for people considering the same type of thing.


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Finally start digging and build a basement... early 2022

So to recap: we bought an old house with a bit of land at the back. We tried to get permission to knock it down and do a new build passiv house in the backland. The council said no no no, we lost an appeal, then put in ridiculous plans for a massive extension with basement on the existing old house, plus a large stable block on the back land where we wanted the new build. Council said yes yes yes, thats fine,  please go ahead....   Having never built anything major before, we hired a 9

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