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Nudura One series variation

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Agreed.  Probably trying to be too architecturally flash, for a first timer.

Thick/sturdy ICF would be much easier to build and brace - the 350 Passive looks virtually impossible to blow-out, and I'm basically just making a square box.


I'm talking to custom brick-slip firms, who can make the tricky chamfered window-surrounds, rain-ledge and other Victorian features, which the conservation officer wants me to match in the front facade of our street.  If we can do these in a slip (rather than a full thickness brick skin) I'm more likely to go with the extra thickness of ICF.

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We've just built with Nudura XR35 blocks which are thicker than the standard, same width of concrete core. Probably fell in to the U-value trap when deciding on these over the standard block, but they were certainly very solid to build with and we didn't get any blow-outs.

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