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I've got the unit on the wall and had the roofers out to install the vent tiles. BPC just sent me their instructions and after reading through it I noticed they recommend that: 'roof vents must be installed at a higher level than the MVHR unit or condensation will form in the pipework'


My intake vent is a lot lower than the unit. Is this critical before I get the roofers back out 🫣







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I think they are meaning the exhaust to atmosphere, as this will condensate. I don’t think the intake should be such a problem but advisable to have fall if possible.

You could lower the unit on the wall & should get enough fall on the exhaust duct to the unit. Either have a fall to the unit or outside.


Personally I would have had both the ducts on the roof inline separated by at least 1.5m or have gone through the gable if detached?

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