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Help/Advice needed please, on poor brickwork.

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Hello everybody. 

Im new to this forum and would appreciate your help.

Could i please have some advice on this poor brickwork please.20240430_183544.thumb.jpg.e470056b8a6a3a2d2ce29938b2118fe3.jpg

Heres a little back story,

In September 2022 car drove into our house and knocked down the bay window. We have had the work done by an insurance company and we have had nothing but trouble with them. They rebuilt the bay window and when they had finished, we measured up for new blinds and realised that they had actually built the bay wrong, and 1 side of the bay was bigger than the other, which meant that the window on 1 side was 60mm smaller than the window the other side. We went back to the insurance builders and they agreed it had been done wrong and said they would re do it.

Yesterday they come and took down the outer skin of brickwork.

When i got home yesterday and had a look at the inner wall this is what i found, 

I've spoken to the project manager from the insurance company and he said he will ckme round today to have a look, but said he believes that it looks strong and should be ok. Although he said it doesn't look very good.

Could i please have some opinions/advjce on what to do.



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although a bit sloppy, a lot of houses inner leaf look like this because builders dont take the time to tidy it up as it will never be seen. I personally wouldnt worry about it, seems strong enough and is/was tied in to the outer leaf. As for being not symmetrical, yeah that is an issue...

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Thanks for the reply Super_Paulie.

The project manager came round 1st thing this morning and said pretty much what you said.

But its nice to hear from you as an unbiased opinion. 

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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That looks poor in the photo. The bond is not uniform in the corner with large gaps between bricks. The corner of a bay is a crucial point to do right, as it is often subject to point loads around openings and ties the sides with the front. The brickwork also protrudes into the cavity which is going to cause cold bridging and be vulnerable to moisture bridging the cavity.


Regarding the messy/lack of mortar to joints and snots in the cavity, just because it's common doesn't mean it is acceptable. I would be particularly concerned with open joints as it has a full fill insulation.


Does your insurance cover allow you to appoint your own surveyor to specify and oversee the works? 

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