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Is this much Rust on resin normal or not

Ken coffey

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just wanted your opinions from any resin installers/groundworkers 

12 months old drive  and getting worse 

4 chemical cleans been done 


I have been buying resin and stones from the resin mill for years with great results had the odd rust spot 

generally a bit of chemical clean and all jobs are good 

I  recently started using a company called polybound also linked resinboundsurfices

the anthracite they supplied on a few driveways from last year

have become so rust ridden even after the trusted cleaning 

it's causing some issues.

I even have a client installed with the same colour stones at the back of the house 

(5years old )

 that look better than the brand new product of polybound 

the director don't want to help get jobs  put right 

just wondered if any others have been hung out to dry 

or any recommendations on if it can be fixed 

pic below

this is two weeks after a full acid clean been done 4/5 times now 




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