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Reverse circulation maybe?

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hi guys. Im getting a bit of reverse circulation i think on my system, see attached. (Rad 1, towel rail and Rad 2 are all in different rooms but in relatively close proximity)
I have a bypass/towel rail that is "always on" no matter if the rads or the UFH are running. However when i run the UFH one of the radiators (Rad 2) in a bedroom also gets warm, strangely enough not the one nearest the towel rail return but one maybe 3m away in the other bedroom.

Would tee'ing in the towel rail return higher up in the system, like in my second picture resolve this? If i close the lock on the towel rail then Rad 2 doesnt get warm.

Not the end of the world as it gets warm rather than hot, but its still something i didnt plan on happening so if i can resolve this while i have no flooring then id like to.




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