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Anyone have large white alu sliding doors?

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Anyone here fitted any large white sliding patio doors? Or even Bi-Fold doors? It seems the strong trend for a while has been for colours - especially anthracite and black. 

We’ve got a 70’s box we’re extending (2 storey), with materials to match - brick and concrete tile roof!!


The wife doesn’t really want white patio doors - she thinks black looks much better. I tend to agree, however…


I don’t like the idea of mixing black doors with white windows on the same side wall. I also really don’t like the idea of black windows on a 70’s box - it just looks wrong to me and I’m convinced it’s going to date really badly and quite quickly!! That’s only my opinion!


Back to the original question… would be great to see pictures if you do have them. Bonus points for lift and slide and around 4m wide on brick!!

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