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partial removal of garden wall and rebuild

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hi all,


hopefully I can get a bit of help from you. for context, the house is a 1950s ex-council property with a brick wall at the front. when I say wall, I mean probably 1ft high, single skin, essentially marks the boundary. it's a continuous wall with a gap here and there (gate every 2 properties) and also a pillar every... let's say 8m. our side of the wall is also around 8m.


what I'm looking to do is to remove part of this wall, rebuild where necessary (there are some cracks) and make good the "left overs".


what am I likely to find underneath? aside from some cracks where a higher ground level and some shrubs have pushed the wall towards the street, the wall is perfectly straight. I'm wondering if it's got some sort of a foundation or will I need to pour one myself?


on one end, I'll be left with around half a metre of wall, with a pillar to the left of that length. do I need another pillar on the right or given the short length of the wall, I can do without one?


on the other end, I'm looking to demolish what's left (around 1.5m) and rebuild with new bricks and mortar, hence my question about foundations above.


any tips you can give me?





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