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Mortar for Roof Tile Finishing

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Extended the garage about 20 years ago (5.5m by 3.5m) matched the original pitched roof  (Marley Mendip concrete tiles and roofing caps) - been absolutely fine for years


No leaks into the garage loft space but I noticed the other day when cleaning out the gutters some of the mortar on the valley joints and the roofing caps has cracked - some has fallen out and dropped into the gutters  (see other post on gutter cleaning


Anyone know what mortar mix to use if I get up there and pull out the loose stuff and re-point/repair the areas where it's poor?


Soft sand or Sharp sand?


I'm quite happy working/walking on a roof - it's only single storey and I over speced the roof trusses because I use the loft garage for storage 

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Not sure of you're still interested, but maybe useful for future readers. I'm not a roofer nor have I built a roof (yet!), but reading about tiled roofs as much as I cam I came across this great website with lots of articles on pitched roofing with expert advice. 

Regarding roofing mortar mix:


It recommends 1:3 cement:sand. The sand portion to be half soft sand (i.e building sand) and half sharp sand.


Their list of tiling and slating articles:




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