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Loxone Dali and Delta Light Glow on some fittings.

Carpe Diem

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We have recently completed a project that is Loxone and Delta Light throughout.  Most of the circuits are Dali.

We have an issue where some lamps have a residual glow, which I understand is common and easy to resolve.... except we dont seem to be able to resolve it.

We have 2 main areas where this is an issue and one is really strange.


2 Issues:
1. We have 12 lights in a double height hall way, all wired the same with one driver between 2 lamps.  6 glow and 6 dont, yet they are all the same lamp, same driver, same settings.

Any ideas?


2. We have 3 lamps on a single driver. With one lamp it is fine, we put 3 lamps on and it glows.
These are easy to access as they are in the ground, so we put a tester on it and there is still 1.5v through the driver even when turned 0% on.

Delta Light has said to include a 27k restistor.  We did that and no difference.  We even put 3 in series and no dimming at all.


Is this an issue with the Dali module from Loxone, the driver or the lamps both from Delta Light, or something else?

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