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Advice needed on shower screen reinsert problem

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I had to remove the glass panels from this quadrant shower cubicle and I'm struggling to get one of the screens back in place properly. The small glass panel is supposed to slide into the wall channel, and some holes in the side of the channel (inside the cubicle) should align with some holes in the frame attached to the glass panel, allowing for some screws to go in and securing the frame in place. My problem is that the frame isn't going deep enough into the channel. Normally I'd take the rubber mallet to it, but I'd probably end up with glass everywhere.....


I could try opening up the channel with some quick release grips, but that might cause stability problems, and open up the possibility of future leakage. Alternatively, I could try lubricating the frame a bit with some silicone lubricant - whilst this is unlikely to interfere with the silicone sealant that i'll be applyiing on the inside of the channel where it meets the tray (like how it was when I removed the glass panel), I'm not sure that this is the best approach. Can anyone suggest a better method?


Also, the frame on the other side of the glass panel (which has the pivot hinge) was glued to the tray, but as I don't have the original installation instructions, I don't know what adhesive is best to use. What would people recommend? Liquid nails?




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