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Rational Windows

simon j hill

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I've posted a number of times on exactly this topic. TF supplier recommends Rationel and to be honest the Alu clad versions look perfectly good. But the options of handles ( one) is holding them back. The wife does not like them so thats the end of that.

It looks like we might be going with Timberwindows.com


With regard to changing the furniture. The 'peg'  that Rationel use is a different size to everyone else if i remember correctly. They use 8mm and the industry norm is 7mm.


Good news is that there is a company that make a sleeve/shim to enable the use of other furniture. Imagine a .5mm thick square section tube. Sorry i know that sounds daft but i hope you get the idea.


Looking for it right now, will post link if i find it. Believe they are near southend on sea


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