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EV Charger Connection position?


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I'm having an EV charger installed by a nationwide company, The charger will be mounted on an external wall above the electric meter cupboard which houses the incoming mains, fuse, meter and tails off to the consumer unit a couple of metres away on the other side of the garage wall. The installer at the initial visit said he'd run the charger input cable down to the meter cupboard (about a foot below) and make the connection in there. I was expecting the charger input lead to be run through a drilled hole in the garage wall and up to the consumer unit. I have the charger already with various metal consumer boxes, a surge protector and other bits. I don't doubt it will be installed ok from a regulatory point of view but wondered if installing it in a potentially cramped meter cupboard was a good idea over installing it near the consumer unit in the garage where there's plenty of wall space. TIA.

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Ideally you shouldn’t install any equipment in the meter cupboard. DNO’s can get upset. 

In reality it’s fine if there’s enough room for a smart meter and good access to all the equipment in the meter box. 

However if the consumer unit is as easily accessible as it sounds, then I’d want the consumer unit for the EVSE there. 

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