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Sliding patio doors tolerance when fitted??


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Hi, I'm new to the forum so apologies if get things wrong. We are building a 2 storey extension and ordered sliding doors for the back of the house. Our floor isn't complete, still needs ufh, tiles etc but the floor boards were done and the steel in place and we let them know the floor would rise by 40mm with the ugh, tiles etc. We also let them know we wanted a flush with the floor look, ie no threshold to step over. 


We went for low profile sliding system and wanted as much glass as possible. These were fitted on Friday and have ended up with what I consider a too large gap between trickle vent frame and steel/structure. See pictures. I would like to know what is considered acceptable given some tolerance is allowed for fitting. I believe 25mm is max acceptable but I have ended up with over 40mm.


The trickle vent is within its own frame so unsure why this wasn't used as part of tolerance for overall fitting. I appreciate the internal view can be improved as still to plaster so this can be hidden but I don't seem to be able to get over to the window company owner that I have lost some glass for all the tolerance they kept adding in the process and the outside view looks terrible as if I have 2 thick frames and the door frame. They have used a 45mm trim, a 42mm trickle vent frame and then the sliding door itself.24F95DA2-8A89-48F2-BA87-9E1B049AE43F_4_5005_c.jpeg.ebc50b49a923959226580e1d20e689c0.jpeg1BF2A17E-7444-4A5D-9526-5C24F3AA1225_1_201_a.thumb.jpeg.7e2c0524c2f86f82d4e3c51b6338ab20.jpeg


Hope you can help and share your experiences and expectations. I have looked at other pictures/neighbour examples and none are as bad.



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