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Hello and lots of insulated plasterboard going for a song


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Hi all!


My partner and I bought our first home earlier this year - a 20s 3 bed house in Sheffield which has fallen into disrepair and is in need of a pretty comprehensive renovation... 


Related to the learning curve we're on there, we have (to cut a long story short) messed up our insulation plans, as a result of which we have a LOT of 70mm foil backed PIR bonded to 12.5mm plasterboard that we do not in fact need or want. These can be dot and dabbed on to the wall as internal wall insulation, either with a vented cavity behind or using picture-framing and cross hatching to ensure air tightness. The boards are 240cm by 120cm, and we have around 20. 


If anyone wants or might want them for an absolute bargain let us know!! Happy to send pictures or for anyone nearby to come and have a look (please be patient if I shouldn't have posted this or should have posted elsewhere? Couldn't find any indication that was the case but happy to delete or move the post if so).


Looking forward to poking around this forum a bit more and learning from you all so we don't end up with lots of expensive material we don't need ever again... :)



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