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Bonded floor screed - is it necessary if no UFH ?

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Hi All, 


I'm wondering whether to apply a thin layer of bonded floor screed over my concrete slab before the floor finishes go over. 

The slab is insulated and has no UFH. 

The finished floor material is Lino. I'll prob build the floor up a bit with PIR ( I need it to be a bit higher) and then a layer of T&G floated over before the Lino goes down. 


As an architect working in a large practice (Allies and Morrison) screed was always specified, but that's because 1. projects were larger and 2. probably because we were always having CPD's with sales rep's who obviously have a vested interest in screed's continued use and so lead us to believe they were basically essential. 


But, to all those with actual building experience and who have seen the consequences of using/not using screed, is it really necessary? 

I'd rather not use it as I'm not keen on the drying times and our property is hard to access and the job is small so I imagine i'll find it hard to find anyone interested anyway. Don't really fancy having a go myself either. 





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Not a single drop of screed in our house.  floor build up is 160mm reinforced concrete, 200mm PIR, 100mm fibre reinforced concrete power floated.  Tile, Oak and carpets in top of that.  We have UFH but don't see why that would make any difference.  Where areas were not level enough used self levelling compound.

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