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Hi there 👋 


Very new to this self-build / renovation space so any help greatly appreciated!  Looking for some advice on financing a fairly large project…


We have recently bought a 1960’s 4 bedroom detached home for £470k with a mortgage of 405k. The mortgage is fixed up until October 2023 when we would like to start our renovation; 2 story-side extension, one story rear extension and a re-modelling of both the ground and first floor layout. We have estimated that we will initially need a £200k budget (worth noting this is very ball-park, we are yet to appoint an architect).  


We currently have £50k in savings however it is unlikely we will have the £200k cash come October 2023. We are therefore looking at the possible routes in which we could finance the project. 


I would be really grateful for any thoughts on how you think the most efficient way to finance the project is? 



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