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Hi All,


First ever post on the forum!

Just about to kick off in March with a closed panel timber frame timber clad building only 149m2 on isoquick insulated raft in the highlands Scotland and having a nightmare with finding structural warranties. I expected to pay about 3 grand but the quotes coming in high or not at all! Self build zone absolutely ridiculous 11 grand (inspection fees only apparently they only have one assessor covering the whole of Scotland). Next best quote I've got in from a broker is 5,300. I've put it out to alot of brokers and am hoping something cheapers gonna come in, but speaking to the brokers its apparently a hard market in the insurance world. I definitely want it before we start any construction. Are there any structural warranty providers that will go on the LABC inspections who operate in Scotland that anyone knows off because its the inspection fees that are the bulk of the prices, LABC the insurance firm, don't cover Scotland.

Thanks in advance

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