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What to do with this mess of a concrete sill?


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I’ve just had a new window put in, and was checking underneath for a draft. 

Ive found the concrete-precast sill has no DPC or much of anything behind it.

There was a load of bricks just chucked in the gap, prior to photos. 

The external building is a rubble-stone barn conversion, all done in lime. 

what should I do, back fill the sill with lime mortar, to try and minimise water ingress? 


no way of getting a DPC in. 


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If it needs no more structure, I'd fill it with EPS, hopefully from a single offcut shaved to shape - possibly foamed in to fill the gaps.


Or polybeads in a mixture with a bit of PVA, so they stick together and don't fly out again.


The important thing is to vanish the cold bridge.


Or you could make a secret compartment with a lifting lid.

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