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Self build PH project needs help With design


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Thank you for accepting us into your community, we are in a process of planning a passive house home, I’m looking to find some direction here. Many things on the web, but I like to understand, what is important in designing such a build and 

what are members  experiences following a completion. What would they do differently next time.

Help required...

not sure how to work this forum, so please navigate me if I need to post my questions in another section. Thank you M

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The forum is divided up into different sub sections so have a quick look and see roughly where you think the question needs to go. Don't worry too much if it's in the wrong area as we can move it if needs be.

The most important aspect of any design is the site. Can you have the house facing south so you can avail of the sun to let heat deep into the house plus also use for solar PV generation.

Have a read of the numerous blogs where other members lay their souls bare detailing all the good plus quite a few bad experiences. Then come back and post a site plan if you have it and let the collective point out any potential issues. 


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