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Velux Integra problem

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I have 3 Velux Integra rooflights that have just been installed. Two work fine but one is playing up. It seems to struggle to move and makes more noise than the others. When I disconnect the chain I can easily swing the motor on the good ones but the bad one seems like it’s stuck to the wiring block. See videos attached.



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I am not sure if my chains move like that, its too dark to check, but I recently put some silicon grease on the hinges as they were stuttering and made clunking noises when opening - they are all ok now. I did have a problem with one of them struggling to open and close when newly fitted when it was set on silent mode - but its ok now - again I think that was due to lubrication.


I have just had a look at the upgrade kit (manual to solar) that I have here waiting to be fitted to my utility Velux.


The centre section pivots freely from the two boxes either side - so yours does seem to have a problem. I would take the cover off the wiring block (the little clip) and see if the wires are held tight stopping it from pivoting (the wires from the wiring block go into the middle part) - its the only thing that I can see that would create the problem you have. If I open the cover and hold the wires down it pretty much replicates the issue you have.



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